May 24th, Reader’s Request- Lab Wear

I’ve decided to start a new thing on Thursdays- where I ask you all to weigh in on a reader’s request. Since I realize that I am by no means an expert- I figure this is a great way to get other people’s opinions on style questions.

So- here we go!

Today’s question comes from Jenny. She has a friend who will be starting dental school in the fall and is concerned with what to wear.  She needs to go straight from class into the lab- where she needs to look professional.

It’s been a LONG time since I was in school (could it really have been 20 years ago? God, I’m old!) and I have never been in a lab- so I’m hoping that some of you lovely readers can chime in.

My suggestion is to wear nice, cropped dress pants paired with a cute top, a cardigan and some comfortable shoes. However, you don’t want to look like Barbie, so be sure to get a coat that fits! LOL!

This would be cute in class, and then for the lab- remove the cardigan and throw the lab coat over the cute shirt.
I pulled this from Pininterst- love the skirt and top with the lab coat! This is darling. Wonder what shoes she is wearing? Hopefully something comfy since she’ll be on her feet all day!
Here is another great example from Pinterest. I like the way this outfit is all about the necklace! While I love the coral color of the blouse, the style is a little matronly, a tank would be so much cuter!

Ok readers, now it’s your turn! Please help Jenny and comment on what you would suggest wearing to class and then to the lab!

On me: Pants: Nordstrom (Vince Camuto), Tank: French Connection, Cardigan: J Crew, Shoes: DSW, Necklace: Stella and Dot

4 thoughts on “May 24th, Reader’s Request- Lab Wear”

  1. I think the key here is comfortable shoes – and what looks cute with them. I would get a bunch of the ankle skinny pants from J.Crew and wear them with ballet flats. Then, on top she can wear a cute blouse or tank and cardigan or whatever. If she can wear a fun necklace or scarf that would be great. If they don’t allow scarves in the lab (maybe they could get in the way or get germy … I don’t know!) then she could wear the scarf to class then take it off for the lab work. With her lab coat on, all people will see are her pants and shoes, so make those fashionable!

  2. One caveat – many labs required closed toe shoe, and depending on the kind of lab, she might also need to wear shoes with no heal and/or that cover the top of her foot. In that case, a flat bootie or even a knee-high boot over skinny pants with a blouse could be a good choice.

  3. Hahaha! Barbie’s lab coat made me snort coffee. She’s now got a medical degree and still she can’t stop flashing her molded plastic for all the world to see.

    You know, I’d just kinda think of the lab coat as a white trench, and style it that way. I don’t know lab rules and regs, but if she has any say in the matter, she should make sure it’s cut to fit and is a flattering length – probably hitting just above the knee. And she’ll probably want to avoid shirts with complicated necklines or collars and go for streamlined, neat-fitting tops, with easy scoops, v-necks. In the fall and winter, even turtlenecks would be cute.

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