May 30th, Me and My Maxi

Hello friends! After an incredible weekend in Northern CA, I am now home- and am utterly exhausted! Can I just tell you how adorable Carmel is? If you haven’t been- GO!

A special thanks to my dear friend Heidi for hosting us all weekend. She is an awesome travel guide and we had a blast. Thank you!

As for today’s outfit- I’m wearing my ever favorite maxi dress again. It’s from the Gap- and it’s a gorgeous shade of blue (hard to tell in photos).

This is actually what I wore on the plane yesterday.  In order to be comfy and warm- I threw a cardigan and a scarf over the top.  I stuck to a palette of blues and grays, which I think looks cool and the layers give the look some dimension.

I knotted the scarf- to make a faux infinity scarf- and then looped it around my head three times. It’s such an easy and effortless outfit- and perfect for traveling!

Dress: Gap, Cardigan: J Crew, Scarf: Target

7 thoughts on “May 30th, Me and My Maxi”

  1. Great dress! I can’t tell from the pic where the waistline is. I got a jcrew maxi a couple of weeks ago that I love, and it has a drawstring at the waist instead of an empire waistline like so many other maxis I see. I like having it at my waist instead of under my boobs! So i was wondering how your dress is to see if I want to look at jcrew for it.

      1. Oops! Guess I got jcrew from the cardigan. I have 3 with drawstring now, and I like that it gives me a waist.

  2. I just bought my first maxi dress – a blue/black/white print with a tank top, no waist but it’s super comfy. Now I need to find a belt and SHOES. Love your shoes in the pic – where did you get them? Thanks!

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