June 3rd, Where’d You Get Those Cropped Jeans?

  Sometimes things seem so simple and self explanatory that I honestly feel ridiculous sharing them.

But then my sweet neighbor, Laurel, tells me- ‘you should write this on your blog, some people may not know…’ and so here I am doing exactly that.

And actually, truth be told- it took me a LONG time to figure out this simple little trick! I used to see girls running around in the cutest cropped jeans and wonder where the heck they bought them.

So for those of you who are still searching for the perfect cropped jean- I have news for you!

Create your own!

Easy, right?!

I just went to Old Navy and found a pair I liked- in the perfect wash- and then I simple roll them up to make cropped jeans. So simple!

As Laurel pointed out- it’s kind of perfect because then you essentially have two pairs of jeans- wear them full length- or wear them rolled- and you have two totally different looks.

As for my scarf- I know most of  you around the country are probably dying at my scarf in the summer- but here in Seattle it’s only 55 degrees, so I need it to keep warm. I like the floral pattern with the stripes too… fun pattern mixing.

Enjoy your Sunday!

One quick thing I want to add- my brother in law just ran across the entire state of Kansas to raise money for Parkinson’s Disease. He did this in only 5 days! What an incredible accomplishment. I am so proud of him I just had to share.

To read all about it- click here- And if you are compelled to donate to his cause, I know he would appreciate it!  🙂

I actually wore this yesterday!  To my local friends, if you see me today in something different- you’ll know why! Sorry this is a bit blurry- I must have moved.
In the early morning, I even threw a cardigan on- it was that chilly. Oh summer- where are you?!

Jeans: Old Navy, Striped Shirt: J Crew, Scarf: J Crew, Cardigan: White House, Black Market

7 thoughts on “June 3rd, Where’d You Get Those Cropped Jeans?”

  1. I love the outfit with the cardigan..I have tried in the past to just roll up my jeans to make them look like ankle or crops and it didn’t work for me, there was too much material I guess, the roll looked too thick. Thank you for this blog, I love it.

    1. Try a slim cut or a skinny jean (but not skin tight). Also, Old Navy carries 3 different lengths- and I bought the ones for short gals (so they really are too short on me if I unroll them), but this gives less bulk in the roll.
      Thanks for the compliment! I truly appreciate it.

  2. I forgot to ask.. I see you get a lot of use out of those cute shoes..are they the puma zandy ballet shoe? I’m thinking about getting them too. Thanks

    1. Yes, they are! I love them, and you’re right- I do get a lot of wear out of them. I have some issues with my feet, so these are really comfy and offer more support than a standard ballet flat.

  3. Thanks for teaching me this great trick Megan! I am feeling so comfy in my two new pairs of cropped pants that are full length skinny jeans rolled up. 🙂 I am new to skinny jeans so that is why I never realized you could do this. I’ve found that sometimes with cropped pants they fit strange in the rise and I don’t ever have that issue with full length pants. This is great!!

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