June 5th, June Gloom

 We actually have a term for this weather here in Seattle- June Gloom.

 After a truly gorgeous May- we have now entered into the rainy season. And by rainy, I mean RAINY.

It looks like it could be December out there… UGH! Seriously?!

So while the rest of the country is basking in the sun, we are donning our rain gear and making the best of it.

Rather than look like the picture on the right- I decided to skip the bright blue (unflattering) rain coat and tacky pink boots and instead opted for a cute mini skirt (it is summer after all) paired with my Hunter rain boots and a cute striped tank. Since it is only 55 degrees out there, I had to add a cute little black cardigan so I don’t freeze!

Even though it is very ‘un Seattle like’ to use an umbrella- today I will be doing such that!

Enjoy your day by the pool and if it makes you feel better, think of me sloshing around in the rain.

Skirt: Anthropologie, Tank: Gap, Cardigan: Nordstrom, Boots: Nordstrom

A reader asked what coat I would be wearing, so here you go! I also had to add tights because I was wrong about the temp- it’s actually 48, not 55. BRRRRRRRR!

12 thoughts on “June 5th, June Gloom”

  1. What a great outfit! I was talking with an older woman at the grocery store yesterday and we were lamenting (no joking here!) about still having out our rain coats and boots while everyone else is basking in the sun. 😦 😦

      1. Yep, just across the lake in Lake Forest Park. My poor preschooler is taking a field trip to the beach next week in jeans & a raincoat. She can’t understand why she can’t wear a swimsuit, shorts and swimming shoes. 😦

    1. Yep, it’s even colder than I thought. I just drove the kids to school and my car thermometer said 48. Seriously?!! I’ll definitely be wearing tights. Brrr…

    2. Sorry forgot to answer what kind of coat- that’s a hard one! Today I’ll probably be wearing my black rain trench coat. I’ll try to take a picture and post it when I leave. I’m working from home this morning… but will be going out in a bit.

  2. That looks great. Could you tell us What type of shoe would you wear with that outfit if it wasn’t raining? It’s a bit rainy here in new York , but not enough to wear rain boots.

  3. Oh – I am sooo tired fo this weather !!! I love how you paired your Hunters and a cargo skirt – a fun outfit for sure! I am leaving on Firday with the kids for the south, I can’t wait for some 85 degree weather ! I’ll try and bring it back with me 🙂

  4. I love this outfit. I’m glad you showed us another outfit with those great Hunter Boots, I’m thinking of making the splurge this fall…we get plenty of rain here in New England too!

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