June 9th, Baby Got Back

Good morning! It’s another fairly ‘unfashionable’ outfit from me today, but as I’ve said many, many times- this is a real blog- and a real reflection of what I am wearing!

Since it’s Saturday- and the first Saturday in a long time that we have no plans, I am going to spend the day lounging around my house, tackling projects, reading my book, playing with the kids and maybe taking the dog for a walk.

That being said- (as usual)- comfort is key!

Today I opted for my black stretch pants and a tunic. To add a little color and interest, I threw on this gorgeous raspberry scarf. As with other scarves, I safety pinned the ends together (to make an infinity scarf) and then looped it around my head 2 times. Simple as that!

Yes, I know it is not cutting edge fashion, but its the perfect outfit for a lazy Saturday.

As for Baby Got Back- seriously?!

Unless you are under the age of 20 (or exercising)- please don’t wear skin tight pants with a short shirt. No matter how skinny you are- no one wants to see your backside- as demonstrated below!

Look out Kim Kardashian!

5 thoughts on “June 9th, Baby Got Back”

  1. Oh thank you!! It drives me crazy when people don’t cover their backsides (or fronts for that matter) when wearing leggings. No matter how thin you are–leggings aren’t pants.
    And, I love the color of your scarf!

  2. I’m a fairly new reader of your blog – pretty sure I found you through The Pleated Poppy. I love your style. Of any style blog that I have happened upon, I think yours is a gem for everyday style (mom or not!). I do happen to be a mom, and my wardrobe has taken a nose dive over the past ten years. If I lived in the Seattle area, I’d be looking into hiring you for a consult!

    Thanks for the daily inspiration of late…I am gearing up to tackle the closet!

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