June 14th, Reader’s Request- How to “Summer-ize an Outfit”

  Today’s reader request is from a local Seattle gal- who wants to dress ‘summery’, but also realizes that it’s only 55 degrees outside.

This is a tough one- because while everyone else in the country seems to be wearing summer clothes- we in the Pacific Northwest are still faced with really cold temps.

We want to look appropriate for the season- but we are also a practical bunch of people!

Today I’m showing how I took a black long sleeve wrap top and by making very minor changes- made it look a little more ‘summery’.

To do this I need to show more skin!

I opened the neckline a bit (this was done by loosening the wrap a bit), added a white tank underneath, pushed up the sleeves and rolled up my jeans. I added to bangle type bracelets and switched out my ballet flats for sandals.

Now I’ll be warm, but also don’t look too wintery.

What are your suggestions for dressing for the season?

3 thoughts on “June 14th, Reader’s Request- How to “Summer-ize an Outfit””

  1. I have the same problem with the cool weather where I live in Park City, UT. I don’t live as far north, but at 7K feet the evenings are cool year round. Thanks for the great tip! I bet this summer dilemma is more common (all over the country) than you think.

  2. I too am from the Seattle area. It’s pretty depressing when we need to make our winter outfits “summery”. I like the look though, and might just copy it for the day!

  3. Rolling up the jeans and adding the sandals really does work. When it’s this cold, I usually still need a light scarf around my neck. Lots of summery materials and prints to perk up an otherwise dark coat, etc.

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