June 18th, Month in Review

As I mentioned the other day, my life has become too crazy and busy (and to be honest, my kids were a bit tired of me being on my computer ALL THE TIME) that I have decided to take a summer hiatus from Everyday Mom Style.

So here are my outfits from June, enjoy!

Have a great summer. I will miss you all!

9 thoughts on “June 18th, Month in Review”

  1. Megan, I just wanted to say thank you for your great fashion blog. I stumbled upon you when I was realizing I really needed to up my game. I’d lost my mojo with two babies in two years, leaving my profession of ten years, two cross country moves, and two house renovations, still living in one right now. I even more appreciate that you too are a Seattle girl (I’m a Seattle native now in Spokane) and your styling tips for us in the Northwest. I hope to see you again in the fall, but if not thanks for all the inspiration!

  2. Hi, I’m Brazilian. I was searching one music about mom and I see your blog. I loved your blog. It’s very intersting, and help me with my clothes, I really need to change my style. Thanks for help!!!

    PS: forgive me about my bad english, I’m learnig now 🙂


  3. Your daily posts and before-and-after shots definitely inspired me. I had to post not just to say thank you for that inspiration, but also because I just returned from a family reunion trip, and over the course of the five days, I believe everyone who was there — women, men, young, old — complimented me on one of the pairs of shoes I had packed. Which just so happened to be Puma Zandy flats, purchased after I saw them her. Made me think of this blog every time!

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