August 24th, I’m Back!

Hello Friends! Guess what? I’m back! (Obviously!).

I’m not sure how much I’m really ready to do yet… but I actually missed my little old blog this summer- so I’ve decided to come back- but on a not so regular basis (meaning I won’t be posting my outfits every day!).

So here goes…

Today I’m wearing the simple and ever classic combo of black and white. I’ve paired skinny black leggings with a white loose tank and then to add interest (and to hide my hips a bit) I’ve thrown on this drapey grey vest. I’ve decided to keep my shoes really simple- and opted for my black patent Birkenstocks. (Missey- these are for you!). And, naturally, I’ve added a necklace to complete the look (which follows my rule of 3!)

I like this outfit because it’s easy, comfy, looks effortless and yet seems somewhat stylish!?

Now for the before! I actually took 2 before pictures- because it’s so easy to go so wrong.

In my first before I am wearing cropped black pants.

These cropped pants make my legs look so short!

Ladies- PLEASE get rid of any pants you have that are cropped the mid calf. They are not flattering and make your legs look really short. The other problem is my white t shirt  is matronly with the high neckline. Lastly, these shoes are also awful! I bought these last year when the menswear trend was so popular- and let that be a lesson- don’t follow every trend. These shoes are goofy & clunky looking- not sleek and stylish (which is what I aspire for! 🙂

My second ‘before’ look is the slim black pants, but paired with a regular tank. I’m showing this because the tank alone is not flattering. Not only can you can see my pooch- but the short length doesn’t provide enough coverage of my hips and butt- and no one needs to see that! Opt instead for a loose fitting, longer flowy tank that provides more coverage.

This fitted tank emphasizes every bump and the length is too short with this tight of pants. Cover your bums ladies!

So there you have it- I hope you have had a great summer- and thanks for visiting me today!

22 thoughts on “August 24th, I’m Back!”

  1. Yippee! I’m so glad you are posting again. I’ve missed your headless pics! Hope you had a great summer and am looking forward to your fall wardrobe.

  2. Yaaaay! So glad I can read your great tips again. I actually love those menswear shoes, just not with capri pants. They’d look awesome paired with a flowy, girly dress or a pencil shirt.

  3. Hooray! Great to see you back, Megan!!!!!! Back to business…I don’t have a pair of Tom’s…are they hot or not? Trends move faster than I do, so I need your advice, dear!!!

    1. Hi Mary! Great to hear from you!
      I think Tom’s are still hot, especially the wedges- they come in all different patterns and my friends swear they are super comfy! These seem to have been around a while (at least 2 seasons- if not more), so I think this is a trend that you can safely count on sticking around. However, be warned- these shoes wear out quickly (especially the flats). I have a friend who bought a pair for her daughter and they quickly fell apart. Probably not the best ‘everyday’ shoe!

  4. I am so glad you are back! I have a fashion shoe question … What kind of shoes should we wear with skinny jeans that will keep our feet warm?? I live in the midwest, which gets very cold in the winter. I have to wear socks – as much as I would love to wear chic ballet shoes all year long, it is just not practical in the snow. Last year I invested in a pair of Frye boots (Veronica slouch style) and I wore them every day with my skinny jeans tucked in. I love that look, and they are super comfy. This year, I would like to invest in a shoe to wear to mix it up a bit. For personal reasons (long story) I can’t wear the Dansko clogs. So ….. what do you recommend that I can wear socks with and that won’t make my feet look like clown feet? Here is one pair that I’m thinking of:

    Too masculine?? This “oxford” style shoe seems to be in (at least that’s what they are showing at my Nordstroms shoe dept.)

    I’d love to hear your thoughts!

    Thanks : )

    p.s. I’ve tried the tiny footie socks with my ballet flats, and they don’t work – either they show (totally tacky) or they slip off the heel and are very uncomfortable. I’ve given up on that idea.

    1. Hi Erin!
      Great to hear from you!
      As for the perfect shoe to wear with a skinny jean- I would have to say my pick for the fall is this fabulous boot from J Crew.

      I had the knock off version last season (in black and taupe) but this year I am saving up to splurge on the real thing- and the reason being COMFORT!
      My little sis has these and I tried them on and they were divine. My fake ones were not nearly as comfy! Being on my feet all day, I need comfort more than anything.

      So- that being said- if you are looking for an alternative to the basic boot with skinny’s, these would work well. Be warned though- they are suede- so they would need to be treated before clomping out in the snow!

      I also loved my Sorel boots that I bought last year and my Hunters… so for really bad weather those are cute (and warm) options.

      As for the Dansko’s- even if you didn’t have a personal reason to not want to wear them- I would still say steer clear! Yes, I have worn my Dansko sandals all summer, and they are so comfy- but the slip on clogs are truly one of the ugliest shoes on earth- especially paired with skinny jeans- which shows off your shoes!

      Finally, to answer your question about the oxford shoe. I think they are really cute… but they are not me. I remember having a similar pair in college- and while I loved them then (and they were really comfy), I just don’t see myself wearing them again. It’s sort of like the menswear pump in my before picture- yes it is a trendy look- but it isn’t ME- and in order to really be fashionable, you have to own your look.

      Another shoe that I’m seeing everywhere right now is the driving moccasin- but I don’t think you can wear socks with these!

      Lastly- a short cowboy boot would be cute- if you can pull it off (I’m not sure I could!)

      Good luck and thanks so much for writing!

  5. Woo Hoo! So happy to see your return, even if briefly! Laughed out loud when I scrolled down to the picture of cropped pants with pumps–so not a good look! I love how you explain why a look does or doesn’t work. Really helps me think about what I’m putting on and why.

  6. Hi Megan,
    Thank you for your reply! I love the look of the J.Crew boots, but I just can’t do the heel. I’m a “comfort over beauty” type of gal when it comes to shoes, although I don’t want to look like an old lady in orthopedic shoes. I’m on the never ending quest for the fashionable, yet warm, yet comfy shoe…

    How about a compromise between your cute desert boots and my oxfords … what do you think about these:

    or, even these:

    They look comfy and get good reviews, but don’t have the heel. Am I heading in the right direction??

    Regarding the driving mocs, I have several pairs of these thanks to the wonderful outlet mall outside Palm Springs, CA (Tod’s loafers at deep discounts!) My problem with them is I think they look dorky with socks. I love wearing them in the fall with no socks, but I can’t do that in the winter …

    Anxiously awaiting your approval before I hit “buy” at : )


    1. Oh my gosh- those are adorable!! I think I may get those instead of the J Crew ones. I like the flat heel and the price is better! Good find, thanks for sharing!

  7. I’m glad you’re back and I hope you had a nice summer! I’m pretty sure I’ve got those cropped pants and that matronly t-shirt in my closet. But no to the clunky shoes…..

  8. I am so very glad you’re back. I just found your blog recently and have really enjoyed it and gotten so many tips from you!!!!

  9. It made my day to see you back! Your blog is my favorite and it had become my daily read! Hope you had a great summer and that you keep posting even if it’s not everyday!

  10. ZOMGoodness! I’m so glad you’ve returned. I hope you had a super summer. I’m in agreement with the above comments. Your outfit explanations are funny and true. Plus, we are living the same type of life so I can relate to your outfits easier than some other fashion bloggers. In fact, I discovered your returned when I was looking for some inspiration for what to wear to my son’s baseball game this afternoon. I landed on what you wore to your daughter’s game. It was sheer serendipity to find that you’re posting again.

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