August 30th, Daisy Dukes (NOT!)

I bought this cute red and white checked shirt at Old Navy at the start of the summer- thinking it would be a fun 4th of July shirt. However,with temperatures in the 100’s (I was in Kansas over the 4th) there was no way I was wearing this… so it has sat in the back of my closet ever since.

Today I decided to bust it out. I layered it over a white tank and then paired it with my dark J Crew cropped pencil jeans, for shoes I opted for these cute sandals from Target. I know- these sandals offer absolutely no support- but I knew I wasn’t going to be on my feet much today- so I decided to go for it!

As for my before picture… please know that I would NEVER actually wear this outfit- I took this picture to make a point.

When wearing a shirt like this, you might be tempted to go all Daisy Duke and knot your shirt at the waist and pair it with denim cutoffs.

Please don’t!

Surely the picture on the right says it all!  This doesn’t look sexy, or hip or young… it looks like a sad, desperate attempt to look young.

If you are over 40, you really shouldn’t be wearing denim cutoff’s* (or actually any denim short in my opinion) any more. Opt for a cute denim skirt instead… or cropped jeans (just make sure they are cropped at the ankle and NOT the mid calf).

Dress classy instead of trashy… there you have it, I sound like my mother again today. I guess that’s a good thing!

By the way, it’s my sister’s b day today and I want to wish her happy day. Your card is going to be late. Sorry.

I decided to try it tucked in as well for a little more polished look (but then I have to suck in my tummy all day. UGH!)

* I suppose if you are going to the beach you could wear your denim cut off’s… but a cute swim suit coverup would be more appropriate.

7 thoughts on “August 30th, Daisy Dukes (NOT!)”

  1. Megan, the comparisson outfit is so great! Haha. That’s perfect to show how bad it could have turned out. Yes, much better that you taperd it down a bit. It’s a very cute blouse!

  2. I agree about the outfit choice, but I disagree that women over 40 can’t wear denim shorts. The key is to wear the right length short for you. I’m 41 and picked up a great pair of denim cuffed shorts at H&M this summer. I wear them with a skinny turquoise & tan leather belt and either a white t-shirt or a summery mesh sweater and slip on wedges. I look terrible in longer shorts, and I’d never wear short-shorts, but these are very comfy and very cute.

    However, I would never wear (even in my thirties) any midriff-bearing outfit except a bikini at the beach or my running/biking clothes. And I agree that cutoff denim shorts look sloppy at any age.

    1. I stand corrected! A pair of tailored, cuffed denim shorts sound really cute! I just hate the look of the denim cut off’s that so many people wear. To me, it just doesn’t look polished- it looks trashy (unless, of course you are at the beach- and then denim cut off’s look casual and cool!).
      Thanks for your comment!!

  3. I laughed out loud when the daisy dukes photo popped up! Unfortunately, some woman think that look is a good one. Love the look you pulled together! Thanks for the laugh.

  4. Love the gingham shirt! I do prefer look one! 🙂 But the other outfit looks great on you as well, but it’s never a good idea to step out in something you feel uncomfortable in!! Thanks for linking up!

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