Sept 4th, Jeans and a Shirt

I’m a huge fans of jeans and a shirt- it’s an easy, comfy, ‘go to’ mom outfit for me.

The thing is, I see so many moms wearing a similar look (jeans and a tee), but instead of looking cute- it can be frumpy.

A big, boxy t shirt is not flattering and tennis shoes with jeans just isn’t a good look.

Trust me.

Truthfully, if you still own any t shirts from college- it’s time to get rid of them. Unless you are really sentimental about one (like the one I’m wearing on the right was my waitress uniform back when I met my hubby)… I’d say get rid of all of them.

On the left is my re-worked outfit. It’s the same pair of jeans- but with this interesting tank and grey cardigan- my outfit seems more stylish, and yet it’s just as comfy.

You’ll notice I’ve replaced the tennis shoes with my Naot sandals- but my Puma flats would have worked here as well.

This time I tied the tails of the tank.
Here is the tank all alone. I picked this up at a flea market in Palm Desert last spring. I loved the color and the pattern.

9 thoughts on “Sept 4th, Jeans and a Shirt”

  1. So glad your blog is back!! I am totally getting a kick out of your sentimental t shirt!! I saw you visited Kansas this summer! I am orginally from there! Transplant to Minneapolis. Know Tanners well!! My folks live down the street from the one on 119th street & 169. Big small world!! Keep helping us mom dressing cute!!!

    1. Too funny! That is the one I worked at (back in ’93). Love those chicken lips! LOL!!
      Thanks for your comment, I LOVE hearing from readers- especially fellow KC gals!

  2. love this outfit–too cute. could you tell me where you got the gray cardi? i’m looking for one now and all i can find are dark, gum-metal gray ones–not that nice, soft heather gray like yours!

      1. yes–that’s where i’ve looked (jcrew) i love their jackie cardigans and have them in several colors. but when i was in there the other day, they said they are coming out with darker colors this season, so they won’t be getting any lighter gray ones! boo 😦

  3. I’m so glad that you are back! I enjoy checking your posts. You’ve helped me get excited about being creative with the clothes already in my closet. Thanks!!

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