September 6th, Khaki and White

I apologize for my before picture- but I had to do it. 

In the past few days I have seen several moms sporting the ‘socks with sandals’ look- and it has got to stop!

Yes, I know I live in the Pacific Northwest- where some people consider this to be ok… but honestly, it’s not.

Trust me.

As for my outfit- I love the simple, classic look of khaki and white together- as seen here and here.

These 2 colors are always in style.  However- as usual, I must tell you that you can’t just throw on a white golf shirt and a pair of cropped khakis and call it good.

In my opinion a collared shirt should only be worn on the golf course.

As for the knee length cropped khakis- surely the picture says it all. These are not flattering- they are frumpy!

On the left you can see my re-worked outfit. This cute cargo style skirt is a great alternative to the cropped khaki pant. The pockets give it some detail, and the leopard belt peeking out adds an interesting pattern.  On that same note, instead of a plain white shirt, I have chosen this cool waffle texture shirt. It has these cute buttons down the front- which also add some visual interest.

Lastly- I’m wearing my orthopedic sandals by Naot. I LOVE these shoes!! They are truly one of the most comfortable shoes I have EVER owned. I’ll be sad when summer is over and I can’t wear them anymore. I need to see if Naot makes boots?!  Anyone?!

I went for the half tuck… wanted to show off my belt.

6 thoughts on “September 6th, Khaki and White”

  1. Hilarious “before” picture, Megan! And I have to agree, it’s all too common here in the Seattle area! “After” is lovely, as usual. Have a great day!

  2. Glad you’re back! My co-worker and I catch up on your blog every week. Would love to know what brand your clothing is – even the simple tees and tanks. It’s nice to know where good basics can be found – even if it’s Old Navy or Target.

    1. Hi Carrie! Thanks for your note! I love hearing that you and your coworker are reading my blog!
      Per your question, I used to write where my clothes came from at the end of each post- and have gotten a bit lazy and haven’t been doing that. Thanks for the reminder- I will start adding that information. As for today’s outfit- my top is Michael Stars and my skirt is from Anthropologie.

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