Sept 13th, 10 Fall Trends for Everyday Moms

Hello Everyday Moms!

Below is my personal list of 10 Fall Trends- and let me warn you- it may not be the most fashionable list around town- but it is a realistic and practical shopping list for anyone who wants to update their closet -as opposed to buying an entire new wardrobe with each new season- (yeah right?!).

First on the list:

1. Boots that can be worn with socks. My feet are cold all fall/ winter and while I love my ballet flats- a great pair of comfy boots can be an everyday staple.

2. Desert booties to alternate on the days when I’m not wearing the boots above!

Last year I bought 2 pairs- one from Khol’s, one from DSW. This year I am splurging and going for the J Crew ones!

3. A perfect chambray shirt- can be worn as a jacket, over a t shirt, under a sweater, thrown over a tank, layered under a cardigan… so many options and it goes with EVERYTHING!

4. Colored denim- last year I bought a gorgeous pair of plum skinny jeans at Anthropologie- then I chickened out and returned them. This year I am much braver (plus I found a pair at Target- so it wasn’t much of an investment). I can’t wait to wear them!

5. A scarf- that can be worn with anything! I love how a scarf adds so much personality to an outfit. It makes a plain boring shirt have some personality, plus it keeps me warm! Keep in mind- buy a scarf that has some bulk. Nothing is worse than an anemic scarf! I love floral patterns, but sometimes a nice neutral one is fun too!

6. A slouchy sweater- throw this on with some black leggings, a pair of boots and you are set for the weekend. I love the effortless, casual- yet stylish look!

Photo from Pinterest.

7. A striped shirt! Yes, big surprise, huh?! I am a serious stripe fanatic and can’t seem to get enough of them. That’s ok… stripes are a classic look and you can never have too many!

8. A cool leather jacket! Last year I bought one at Marshalls, and I think I made a mistake. I was so excited about the price, that I sacrificed fit-as seen here! Find one that fits like a glove- is comfy- and is real leather. Nothing worse than a pleather jacket!

9. A shirt dress- I love this look! Paired with tights, boots, maybe a scarf and a cool handbag and you can run errands, attend meetings, go to lunch and look cool the whole time!

Notice how she has a shirt under her dress… interesting?!
Photo from Pinterest.

10. A cable knit sweater- again, this one is a classic. It goes with anything- is comfy and warm- and will never go out of style.

In looking over this list- I realize I have really been quite boring- nothing to flashy, to trendy, to daring… oh well, let’s face it- my style is American Classic and I can’t change who I am! All I can say is: love it or leave it! If you love it- thanks~ please take a minute to write me a little comment! You have NO IDEA how much they mean to me! Seriously, every time I hear from a reader I am thrilled that someone has actually read my blog, liked what they saw and taken the time to write me! 🙂

If I forgot something- please let me know that too… I’ll happily update my list- or create another one in a few months!

Linking up to Pleated Poppy for What I wore Wednesday! Be sure to check out all the other cute sites!

32 thoughts on “Sept 13th, 10 Fall Trends for Everyday Moms”

  1. Loving the blog! Thanks for the tips. I bought the same NAOT shoes as you because I just loved them with every outfit of yours. It’s always a challenge to find good mom clothes that aren’t frumpy. I enjoy the blog a lot. Thank You!

    1. Aren’t they the most comfortable shoes ever? I don’t know how they do it- but they are so comfy that they allow me to be on my feet on day- and feel fine. Thanks so much for your comment!

  2. I love reading your down-to-earth fashion advice. I often emulate what you are wearing and use your advice. I was lost all summer with out you Megan!

  3. Love your fall trends! I am still trying to get myself to buy some skinny anything! I think some plum skinnys would be nice. It isn’t fun when you carry your weight on your bottom half!! ha! I love the wedge shoes, I think I may have to get some of those! Keep up the good work!

    1. I’ve bought cheap ones over the years- and they do fade, or the fabric is so thin you can practically see my legs through them. ARGH! This year I bought some at Nordstrom- they were expensive (over $60), but they are super thick- and best of all, have a built in tummy control! They are incredibly comfy- and will definitely be a fall staple for me. I’ll do a post on them in the next week. Here is a link to them so you can check them out on your own!
      Don’t be alarmed at the picture- they look really weird- but with a tunic they will look adorable!

      1. those are nice… i think i will have to save up and get them… i could use the extra support too 🙂

  4. Really enjoy your simple down to earth fashion blog! I love all your fall picks, have most of these but might have to check out the desert boots with a lower heel,. They look super comfy and fun.

  5. i really like your style and enjoy so much how you show the difference between bad style & good style! i love all your picks for fall! most of those things are on my list too–if i don’t already have them!

  6. Love the blog and I am so glad you are back after your summer break! The title of your blog sums it up perfectly “Everdaymomstyle”! I will glance at other fashion blogs, but more often than not they are too fussy or busy for my lifestyle. I have two kids and “stay” at home, help at school, etc. I can’t wear heels to ride my bike around town dropping kids at school, cleaning house, cooking, shopping, etc. But it’s good for me to get out of my paint stained clothes too!

    I do have a quick question: What is the rule of 3? I’ve searched a little on the blog and haven’t come across the answer. Sorry if I’m missing it:)

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to write me! I agree- the other fashion blogs are fabulous- but not at all ‘real’ or practical for an everyday mom! My goal is to show what real moms can wear when running errands, volunteering at school, cleaning house- as opposed to the uniform of yoga pants and fleece (which is what I’m wearing right now! LOL!).

      As for the ‘rule of 3’- I got this idea from Jessica Quirk at What I Wore- and then applied it my style. Basically what I mean is that I want each outfit to have 3 pieces to it- (on the top half). So I’ll take a shirt, layer a tank under it and then add a cardigan. Or a shirt with a vest and a cute necklace, or a blouse and a great scarf and a cool bracelet… I like dressing in 3’s- of course there is always an exception to the rule- sometimes a shirt is so cool it can stand alone!

      I also try to keep my color scheme to 3 colors- more than that seems too busy for me!

      Maybe I’ll do a post on this for anyone else who doesn’t understand what I mean- thanks for the idea!

  7. Thanks so much – love these versatile pieces. Especially intrigued with the shirt dress look. Adding a shirt underneath really adds a new dimension.

  8. Great list! I think you will love your colored jeans. I bought maroon ones from Target a couple of weeks ago and have worn them several times already. I love that they are a color, but they aren’t make me feel as if my legs are blinking on and off.

  9. I LOVE it! I think I must be “American Classic” myself, because so many of these items are already in my closet OR are ones I’d love to own (shirtdress, chambray shirt…).

  10. Hey I am a Portland mom and I love your style. So simple but stylish and realistic. Thanks for your blog, I know I missed you this summer, but totally understand trying to balance. I love the shirt dresses too, I bought one last year at Old Navy and am tempted to wear it twice a week, I love it so much. Love the shirt underneath idea!

  11. I read every post on Google reader — and I think it’s made a difference in my wardrobe, and it’s given me the confidence to get rid of some old clothing items I suspected weren’t working. Thank you for your posts, and I LOVE that you are practical — in style and classic but not ridiculously trendy — it’s affordable and practical for my Mom life.

  12. I got some Clarks desert booties last year and I wore them practically every day. Love love. Unfortunately, I don’t see the style on Zappos any more. 😦

    Totally agree on the colored denim. I’m also liking colored cords–I picked up a pair of skinny skinny cords at Madewell during FNO last week and they are amazingly soft. I can’t wait for the weather to cool off enough here in DC to wear them.

    Ditto for cable-knit sweaters. Does anything say fall more than a chunky sweater? (In fact, I listed them in my own Fall trends post here:

    I only have one shirt-dress in my wardrobe but they’re so practical and versatile I plan to add more.

  13. Glad you are back! Do you have any idea who makes that great dress? I am looking for one just like it. I just bought the plum skinny jeans at Anthropologie and am surprised that they seem to go with almost everything, as long as the top is long enough. 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comment- no, I don’t know who makes the dress (I found the picture on Pinterest). I’d suggest looking at Anthropologie or Madewell. I’ll keep my eyes out as well and let you know if I find one! That being said, I did buy a cute denim one at Target! I worry the buttons are going to fall off though.

      1. Gap has several cute shirt dresses this season. Loved your list! One thing I want to add for myself this season is a cute trench coat. So glad you are back!!!

  14. I love all your choices. You could take just those pieces and come up with several different outfits. I think I am an “American Classic” too.

    1. I was thinking the same thing! Forget 30 for 30- more like 10 for 30… now there’s an idea! Choosing only 10 key pieces and wearing them every day for a month! Hmmmm… not sure if I could do it or not! 🙂

  15. Megan, hands down your is my favourite blog! I love your before and after, I love your writing/commentary in each post, I love your style rules. I love that you are an “every day mom” and are so easy to relate to! You truly inspire me in my daily life – I star/bookmark posts then outright copy you or apply your rules/reasoning to what I have available! I commented about the NAOT shoes way back and am so pleased to see you rocking them with so many outfits! I also emailed you about my “splurge club” and took your advice to heart (though I didn’t have a chance to follow up when you took your summer break!). You even inspired me to start my own style blog this summer when my husband lost his job and I had to find a new way to do things! I reference you and link up to you all the time and my “readers” (hee hee, my friends and sisters) click over and have told me how much they love your blog too! I think style is all about finding joy in the everyday and conveying that in your life – well your blog brings ME joy! And thanks to this post, I have some new things to hunt for at VV Boutique! Thanks again Megan and I look forward to reading more and more!!

    1. Wow! What a nice note- thank you so much Nicole!
      By you taking 5 minutes to write something kind to me- I will now spend the rest of the morning (or day) basking in your compliment! Thank you for that!
      Good luck on your new blog (I did pop over and check it out! Looks great! Love the bargain shopping angle).

  16. So happy that you’re back to posting again! This is a great post–love your “American Classic” style. The only thing that would make this post better would be links to the items you pictured. I’ve been trying to find the “perfect” striped shirt and I love the one you show.

  17. I have been looking for pictures of outfits for such a long time!!! How I found you was a blessing! Please do not stop! You are an inspiration to me…… Thanks!
    We are going to Disney, and I have bought a dress, per your blog and I am feeling great! Again keep up the wonderful job!!!!

    1. Thanks for the compliment! You may want to wear some leggings under your dress- climbing on and off rides can be tricky in a dress, and if the dress flies up you won’t over-expose!

      So glad you like my blog- it’s a lot of fun for me!

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