Sept 14th, Oh Yes You Can!

No, this isn’t an Obama rally cry- I’m referring to wearing white jeans after labor day.

Old school style mavens will tell you that it’s against the ‘rules’. Well, I’m here to tell you that those are outdated rules and white looks gorgeous all year long.

One of my favorite ways to wear white is with other neutral colors. I just think there is something so classic about this look.

Today I’ve chosen a cream tank and layered this open weave sweater (in the same tone) over the top.

Take a look at my outfit on the left compared to the right.

I’m wearing the exact same sweater in both pictures (duh!), but on the left I’ve paired it with these cute cropped white jeans- as opposed to the bootcut pair on the right. I’ve then swapped out my dark, boring boots for these cute ballet flats in the same tone as my sweater.

By simply changing the cut of the jeans- and shoes- I have totally changed the entire look. To follow my rule of 3, I’ve added a necklace.

A quick note about this outfit: by pairing J Crew jeans & Tory Burch shoes I am able to throw in this Target sweater and yet still have my outfit look ‘expensive’!

Keep in mind, if you are nervous about wearing white- go for a creamy white, or even an off white.

It’s Fashion Friday, so I’m linking up with All Things Chic today! Be sure to check it out!

13 thoughts on “Sept 14th, Oh Yes You Can!”

  1. I’d just ordered some white jeans on sale to wear for next summer, but your post makes me think I might be able to get some use out of them this fall as well! Thanks also for your post yesterday about your top 10 fall trends–I’m going to print it out next time I go shopping to keep me focused on shopping for pieces that I’ll be able to get a lot of use out of.

    1. Great to hear! Yes, I’d wear them all year long. Even the cropped ones work well in the winter paired with boots- or booties!
      Thanks for writing! I love hearing from readers.

  2. Megan – would you be willing to post a few looks that you think work with your boot cut jeans/pants? I am really reluctant to order slim pants – I couldn’t pull them off like you do!

  3. Love the cream and white combo. Great necklace! I’ve been avoiding crops but I think I may have to reconsider. I also would love thoughts about white boot cuts since I have an unworn pair in my closet (tags still on after two years). Not liking them with boots…

    1. I’m not a huge fan of the bootcut either- but I will try to find an outfit for you! I know lots of gals avoid skinny jeans and are more comfortable in boot cut- honestly though- skinny (or straight leg) crops are so much cuter- and look great in any size- as long as the top is a tunic and covers hips and buns!

    1. Haha! So true!! Nothing worse than a muffin top or seeing their coin slot hanging out of the back of someone’s pants. YIKES! Thanks for writing!

  4. I love this look! Everyone must be reading your blog and running out and buying all the nice white cropped jeans. I’ve looked all summer and when I do find a style that I like they don’t have my size and they’re not getting anymore. I agree that I’m not wild about the boot cut style and think the straight leg is very flattering.

  5. It might be ok if you live in FL, but I personally just can’t get behind the white jeans after labor day..too light.. they just look barelegs and open toed shoes in Dec.

  6. I love your blog. Especially love the bad outfits! Really inspiring. It just cheers me up to spend that extra 5 minutes. Even if I still look a hot mess to everyone else 🙂

    I’m totally obsessed with white jeans now but still not brave enough… very tempting though.

    I thought I’d send you this link to these images from Tory Burch – in honour of your shoes!
    Can’t imagine wearing any of it, but it’s pretty!

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