Sept 20th, Sending a Message

 My typical ‘go to’ outfit for days when I’m not working is jeans and a shirt.

Before Everyday Mom Style I would have worn the outfit on the right.

It is just so easy to throw on a shirt, jeans and my Birkenstocks and call it good- however, there is nothing appealing about this outfit and the message that I am sending is ‘I take no time for myself’.

Is that the message you want to send?

Not me! I want to look somewhat pulled together, somewhat stylish, somewhat like I care!

Hence- the outfit on the left! This is as comfortable as the outfit on the right- but it is so much cuter. The blue and white striped tank is more interesting than a solid shirt, and the bright cardigan gives the outfit a pop of color. The cuffed jeans are casual- yet look a little more stylish than the ‘before’ pair . As for my shoes- anything is better than my Birkenstocks- and we all know how much I love my Puma ballet flats!

I wore this to dinner last night at our new local pizza place- and I only had time for 1 photo, sorry!

Jeans: Old Navy, Cardigan: Target, Tank: Gap, Shoes: Nordstrom


13 thoughts on “Sept 20th, Sending a Message

  1. Thanks for the inspiration – I need it I wear jeans and a t-shirt almost everyday, I refer to it as my Mom uniform. I love the bright colored cardigan.

    • Haha! Mom Uniform! I’m using that phrase on my Facebook page. It’s so true- and so easy to get into a bad habit of throwing on clothes without thinking about it!
      Thanks for writing- it’s great to hear from you!

  2. Megan, this outfit it almost exactly like one of my staples as well! Navy blue striped t-shirt from Target, purple sweater from Loft, and straight jeans rolled. I love the purple and navy combination. You just made my day. 🙂

  3. Cute outfit! Looks comfy too.

    I am trying to do better in the fashion department, but last night I encountered skinny jeans and I am still trying to get over it. That’s what I wrote about today.

    I did manage to pick up a few items that I hope are a little more pulled together and update.

    Great look!

  4. Love this! I dress up for work and usually throw on sweats when I get home. I have a hard time putting something casual and mom friendly for all the other times I’m running around. I’m definitely going to copy this outfit! Glad you are back!

  5. Thank you thank you thank you!! Started reading you early 2012 after googling ‘mom style’! You are a great inspiration for me and I love your simple classic style which is similar to mine, or at least what I want to be. I’ve really been into taking better care of myself and my appearance lately…maybe it’s age?? It’s truly amazing how much better a little makeup and a few curls to the hair can make you feel though. Especially loving this idea to do a casual tank and cardi instead of a long sleeved t all the time. I have tees in all colors of the rainbow….maybe now I should strive for more cardis? Thanks again and keep it coming!

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