Sept 21st, White Jeans Again!

If you ever wondered what my favorite item in my closet was- just look back over a few months worth of posts and you’ll probably notice I LOVE my white jeans and I LOVE stripes!

I just can’t help myself!! There is something so crisp about them, and as I said last Friday- the old rule of no white after labor day is no longer true.

In fact, Lloyd Boston*, author of Before You Put That On says: “Ladies, wear your creams and whites straight through the fall and winter. Those rules are gone.”

Today my before picture is one I’ve used before, sorry! I’m showing my white jeans with this collared long sleeve pink shirt. While I love the bright pink color- the long sleeves are covering up too much and the collar needs to go! I tend to repeat myself, but I really have a thing against collared shirts!

On the left I have replaced my golf shirt with this cute blue and white striped shirt from J Crew. I have rolled the sleeves to expose a little skin, and added this cute coral Stella and Dot necklace that my friend, Carrie gave me. I also added my leopard flats as a little unexpected pattern mixing.

Jeans: J Crew, Top: J Crew, Shoes: Target

To my local friends- yes, I wore this yesterday! Today I am working from home and wearing sweats… oh yes I am!

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7 thoughts on “Sept 21st, White Jeans Again!”

  1. I’m home wearing sweats today, too! But your blog inspired me to buy some really cute brushed gold accessories that I’m going to wear tonight for dinner!

  2. I’m a new reader of your blog and have really enjoyed going through your archives. Thanks for the inspiration! Your new layout looks fantastic, but I do find the font a bit pale and thin so it’s somewhat hard to read, especially on my iPad. Sorry to be saying something negative my first time commenting. Otherwise I totally love your blog and style!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment- I have changed the font to a new, darker one that hopefully is easier to read. Please let me know if this helps! I appreciate the feedback!

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