Sept 23rd, Rainy Day Soccer Mom

 This post is for a reader, Shannon, who wrote yesterday asking what to wear to a soccer game when it’s raining.

Living in the Pacific Northwest, I’m pretty much a self proclaimed expert on rainy day wear!

The key component is having the right boots!

I coveted these rain boots (on the left!) for several months before I finally splurged and bought them. I will tell you- it was so worth it. Not only are they super comfy and stylish- but paired with knee socks- they are very warm!

I wearing black stretch pants (go for ones that are really thick & warm), and then I decided to go with a cream turtleneck and my trench coat in the same color. It’s a very mono-chromatic look- but I liked it- and I was very warm- and so much better than the look on the right. Luckily, it didn’t end up raining- but a cute umbrella would have been the final touch to keep me totally dry!

On the right (in case you are wondering) my jeans are too baggy for boots (see how they gather around the knee), the bright pink boots are a little dorky, and this coat isn’t doing much for me. Yes, I’m warm and dry- but I can also be warm and dry and look good too, right?!

I do wonder if I was a little overdressed though? I did get a bit of teasing by a dad (ahem, Jeff B you know who you are!), but I think he was just jealous that I was warm!

Pants: Nordstrom, Trench: Target, Turtleneck: J Crew, Boots: Nordstrom

5 thoughts on “Sept 23rd, Rainy Day Soccer Mom”

  1. WOW I like your style,wearing a Trench and Rubber Wellingtons is ideal for wet weather and you look good too,I pull my Wellingtons on at the slightest hint of rain, I love wearing them.

  2. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! No down, fleece or clogs to be seen. Thanks for doing this so quickly too. With five more weeks of soccer I have time to work on my soccer style. First order, replace the polka dot rain boots I bought at Fred Meyer three years ago. 😉

    Something I noticed yesterday at the field (we recently moved to the eastside from Shoreline) is that the older women here (grandmothers, etc.) really have a great sense of style. Not a fleece vest to be seen among them but still weather appropriate. It was an interesting contrast and something I’ve been mulling. . . .exactly what was it about them that looked so put together. . . .

  3. Love this look – just one comment, and one question. My short trench was looking baggy so since I was already going to see my tailor, she took it in just enough in the sleeves and back so now it looks very chic and not too baggy! I highly recommend getting trenches taken in, especially the cute shorter ones.

    My question – I love the idea of stretch pants, but what do you wear them with? I feel strange with a regular sweater over, and baggy sweaters that cover my bum just don’t look attractive. I’d love to be able to wear stretch pants again, but what about up top? Eventually you’ll want to take off the trench, right?

    Thanks! Love the new look to your blog!!

    1. Thanks!! Great advice about heading to the tailor to fix items that need a little tweaking!

      As for what to wear with my stretch pants- I would never, ever wear them without a very long tunic type top- unless of course I have a long coat over it! In this case, I did not have a large top on- but since I was outside all day, I knew I wouldn’t be removing my coat.

      You are correct that large baggy sweaters can be unflattering- try to chose some that aren’t enormous- but are long enough to cover the bum (as you stated). Huge bulky fabrics can add pounds- a slim, cashmere (or merino wool) boyfriend sweater that covers the bum is more slimming and a better option.

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