Sept 25th, Right On, Target!

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again- I LOVE Target! Whoever is their buyer is a genius!

Today’s outfit is a good example of that!

I have been wanting a pair of purple skinny jeans for a long time- and even went so far as to buy a pair last year from Anthropologie, but after a little hemming and hawing decided they were too pricey for my budget and I returned them.

Then, this year I spotted a pair in the exact same color at Target! Woot Hoot! I quickly snapped them up- and have enjoyed having this trendy addition to my wardrobe.

Let me take a minute to say that although these are ‘technically’ skinny jeans- they are anything but.

They are actually called curvy skinny- which is perfect for gals like me who are wide in the hips and narrow in the waist. They are not too tight at all- and have plenty of bend and stretch to make them comfortable. I will say, I do have to belt the waist, but I am planning on having the waist taken in and having the length shortened by my tailor.

Speaking of skinny jeans, I read a hilarious blog article on them- and while it made me laugh out loud- it also made me realize that many people are terrified of skinny jeans.

I’m hear to tell you that not all skinny jeans are the same. The truly comfy ones have lots of stretch in them. Before you totally discount skinny jeans- try on lots of different pairs-in lots of different brands- and lots of different sizes!  You may surprise yourself!

As for my top- this cape/ sweater is made by Converse. I saw it and knew I had to have it! I love the flowy style- love the gray (goes with everything color) and thought I can easily wear that top about 5 different ways- so I snapped it up as well. That is one of my rules for shopping, I won’t buy anything unless I know about 3-5 ways to wear it!

A quick note about my before picture- I am wearing a grey fleece, the purple jeans and my awful tennis shoes! Let me say that the top on the left is as comfy as the fleece- and oh- so- much more stylish! The Tory Burch flats bring a bit of designer style to the entire look and my necklace with the purple stones polishes the whole look off!

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15 thoughts on “Sept 25th, Right On, Target!”

  1. I love this sweater! You are making me want to stop what I’m doing and run to target to try on these purple skinnies and that gorgeous sweater. It looks fab on you, especially paired with the necklace. Love it:) xo

    1. Ah, thanks! I’m glad you’re still talking to me after I totally copied your wordpress theme! Thanks for understanding!

      I have really enjoyed your blog- we have very similar styles! 🙂

  2. Love your sweater and your skinny jeans look fabulous. Despite my article the other day on skinny jeans, I have decided to lay aside my fear and try again. I vow to try on every pair of skinny jeans withing thirty miles of my house, because as God as my witness, I will look skinny again. 😉 I’m kidding really. About looking skinny, not about keeping an open mind.

    You have really awesome blog with practical tips. I like the before and after pictures. It really shows us “regular mom types” what we are doing wrong. Thanks for the link love. 🙂

  3. Your before picture is hilarious. And pretty much exactly what I wore on Saturday. How much to expect to spend to get your Target jeans tailored? Do you have recs for a good tailor in the Seattle area?

    1. I live way out in the suburbs, so I can’t recommend anyone specific in Seattle- but I plan on just going to my neighborhood dry cleaner. I would guess it will be around $20 for the alteration- I’ll let you know if it’s more! Even with alterations, the Target jeans are still so much less expensive than the Anthropologie ones!

  4. LOVE the purple skinny jeans paired with that sweater! I got the same style in green but may need to add one more colored jean to the fall wardrobe for such a great price!

  5. I got some plum ones at target a few weeks ago, and they’re in my pile of items to take to the tailor tomorrow for the length and “back waist gap.” I figured I’d be wearing black or brown with them, but I like the top you did with them!

  6. That sweater looks so much better on you than it does on the website model (batwings?). Debating ordering it…should I order down in size?

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