Sept 26th, Living in My Car!

Some days I feel like I live in my car.

Yesterday I left my house at 3:30- got home at 7:00- and all I was doing was driving kids from one sporting event to the next (pick up from tennis, drive to basketball practice, drive to soccer game…). Over scheduled much?

Argh! On days like these I want to be dressed super comfy- and ready for anything,

Today’s outfit is a good example of that. It’s an easy outfit for running around town in- it’s casual & comfy- yet looks pulled together.

I like the look of the shirt tails peeking out- and I love the cable knit detail on this sweater- I even decided to skip a necklace and let the sweater speak for itself.

As for my jeans- these are my old favorites! They are Diva style from Old Navy (which I’m not sure if they are still making this style- these are old). They are straight leg jeans in a shorter length that I simply roll up to make them look cropped. They are the perfect casual jeans for running errands in!

Linking up with Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday!

Jeans & Sweater: Old Navy, Shirt: Land’s End, Shoes: Puma (Nordstrom)

3 thoughts on “Sept 26th, Living in My Car!”

  1. Love the blog. First time commenting so I’m sorry it is going to be weird :), Just bought some Puma flats per your suggestions, but they make my feet really stinky and sweaty, Do you have this problem? (I don’t usually) I’m wondering if it is acceptable to wear socks of any kind with them?

    1. Hey! Thanks for commenting! Hearing from my readers truly makes my day!
      As to your question- I don’t ever wear socks with flats- even the ones designed to not be seen never work! And honestly, it just isn’t a good look.
      However, I too have sweaty and stinky feet so I would recommend either spraying your feet with deodorant (I do this every day) or putting a little powder (I like Shower to Shower- but some people love Arm & Hammer- they have one specific for feet I think) in your shoe to combat any sweat.
      Good luck!

      1. Thanks so much, I had tried the no show socks but the little bit that showed looked tacky, I agree. I’ll try the powder. I get tons of compliments on the pumas so i want to keep wearing them! Keep up the great blog, its a great help to moms everywhere! I have even subtly suggested it to my friends who need some help! Love the before and after pics, really helps me visualize why certain things don’t work. Also love your kc connection bc that’s where I live. (tanner’s fish tacos are the best!)

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