Sept 27th, Yep- It’s Madewell

Have you heard of Madewell?

It’s a cousin to J Crew- yet has a little more edgy side to it- it’s not quite as preppy.

It kind of reminds me of what we wore in college… flannels, denim shirts, chunky sweaters… yet with a modern take  (meaning don’t be pulling your college flannels out of your closet and thinking no one will notice!).

I went into Madewell last week with a friend to show her their fabulous skinny jeans. These jeans are truly like wearing sweat pants- the cotton is the softest I have ever worn- they are sublime.

While I was there I spotted this cute little lace top. I didn’t even try it on- just grabbed it knowing it would find a home in my closet. I love the texture of the lace- love that it isn’t too fussy or dressy- and love that it can be worn under practically anything.

Today I’ve paired it with my skinny jeans and a dark gray cable knit sweater. I like the juxtaposition of the ladylike lace with the chunky cardigan. I then added my favorite Tory Burch flats- the colors in the shoes reflect both the cream top and the cardigan perfectly. To finish it off, I threw on my pearls.

If you are going to try lace- be careful that you don’t look dated- or slutty.

I had a little fun finding a before picture (gotta love Pinterest). I’m not trying to be mean- but this outfit above right is not working for me. The sheer lace top is too revealing, the bell sleeves are dated, and this light denim pleated skirt is awful.

The next before picture (again, thanks Pinterest) is what I call the slutty look- the title under the picture was ‘nasty gal’. That about sums it up!

My jeans are a very dark denim wash- but they are blue (hard to tell in my bathroom lighting). The cardigan is a charcoal gray.

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