Sept 30, Navigating Nordstrom

I can’t tell you how many of my friends don’t shop at Nordstrom simply because they find it to be totally overwhelming.

I can understand- I used to feel the same way. Walking into an enormous department store- it’s easy to be confused and not know where to even begin.

Today I am going to break it down for you!

Basically Nordstrom’s is divided into mini boutiques- all with their own identity.

Point Of View

This is the section that I frequent the most, it has somewhat trendy pieces- but is also mainstream and more affordable than most of the other sections! Examples of designers are Halogen and Vince Camuto. The top I’m wearing above is from this section!


This is definitely more trendy- and more expensive. There are more designer labels in this section. It is designed for hip and trendy fashionistas! Here you will find Vince, Theory, Tory Burch to name a few…


Savvy is even more upscale that Individualist! In our Nordstroms you have to walk through this section to get to the ladies room (which is lovely in itself!). You will find J Brand, Marc by Marc Jacobs and Joie. According to Nordstrom’s website,  Savvy is for ‘Edgy, of-the-moment looks for the confident, fashion-forward woman.’

Via C

You can tell just from the furnishings that you are now in an even more expensive area- different lighting, decor, even glass walls separate it from the other sections! Here you will find the most expensive designer wear- at very expensive prices. They often have clothing from new designers in this section- for example you will find Rag & Bone, Rachel Zoe, Helmut Lang… hint: I have NEVER bought anything in this section!!

B.P.  (Brass Plum)

This is the teen section- but don’t let that scare you off! I have seen plenty of 40 somethings browsing in this area (and not for their daughters!). I have bought scarves, belts and even a top or two in B.P. I will say though, be prepared- the sizes are small and quality is poor. Prices are cheaper though! I’d also recommend not shopping in this section too often- trends for 16 year olds just aren’t cute on 40 year olds.


This is where to find your new jeans! Ask a salesperson to help you- they know each brand very well and can steer you in the right direction. The best news is that if you pay full price for jeans, they will do alterations for free! Yes, for free! Quick note- when having your jeans shortened, be sure to ask for the original hem to be re-attached! Brands in this section: Free People, Citizens of Humanity, Paige and 7 for all Mankind.

Studio 121

Again, according to the Nordstrom website, Studio 121 is ‘Chic, sophisticated wardrobe essentials for work and weekend.’. Here you will find classic pieces, nothing too trendy, but great basics that are well made and will never go out of style. Look for brands such as Eileen Fisher and Classiques Entier. It’s perfect for anyone over 40!


Ralph Lauren, Anne Klein, Isaac Mizhari are all brands you will find in this section. Similar to Studio 121, this area is for mature shoppers who like classic, well made pieces from mainstream designers. You will also find coats in this section.

I haven’t covered every section- it is a big store- but hopefully this breaks it down a bit for you! Don’t be afraid to wander into any section and ask for help- the salespeople are usually extremely friendly (they are known for their excellent customer service). One time I brought in a skirt from home and asked for help finding a top to go with it. The sweet sales gal hunted all over the store and filled a dressing room with about 12 different options that I never would have found on my own!

Top and Jeans from Nordstrom, Shoes: Target, Necklace: Macy’s

12 thoughts on “Sept 30, Navigating Nordstrom”

  1. Love this post! I am often overwhelmed in Nordstrom and I will print this post and bring it with me new time I go. Also, thanks for the inspiration to up my style in an affordable, accessible way. I look forward to your ideas daily!

  2. This is so helpful, thanks for sharing! I shop at Nordstrom and have wondered what the “definition” of some of their departments were. Now I’ll feel a little more comfortable when shopping at Nordstrom since I feel like I’m in the know now.

  3. I just found your blog and I love it! Thanks for the Nordstrom break down. I’ve always wanted to go, but as you said, felt overwhelmed. I plan to make a trip now thanks to your tips!

  4. Hi! I really enjoy your blog. I found it last spring – and I am happy you´re back now after the summer. I was really inspired by your style tips and got some really good pieces for the summer, e.g. skinny jeans in lighter color + skinny pants in orange color (inspired by your pink pants). I even thought about sending in a picture… I live in Copenhagen, Denmark, so I do not have the same choice of stores as you do, but a lot of the trends are global, so I am able to get the same type of stuff here (nothing really comparable to Target, though!).
    Thanks for the great blog and great ideas!


  5. Bless you for this, Megan! We were at the mall last night and just cutting through Nordstroms had me sweating. . . . Maybe now I can muster the courage to go (sans sticky faced kids) and get help with some jeans. I had no idea TBD was the place to go for them. 😀

  6. are you kidding me!! I’m off to the “big” mall today with the hopes of hitting Nordstroms since I always see that you have pieces from there. So I am checking my favorite blogs while waiting for my mom to pick me up and I read this! You must be living in my brain. Love it. Thank you!

    ps, also glad you’re back blogging and I’m still wearing my puma flats and still getting compliments on them. What on earth am I going to wear in the winter? boots? I’m tempted to invest in a nice pair of hunter rain boots for the slop we have in the northeast all winter. Plus with skinny jeans, I find winter shoes to be a bit of a challenge since the shoes are all so clunky.

    Maybe you could do a blog post just on practical, yet still fashionable, outdoor shoes when there is 2″ of slush on the ground all winter long. 🙂

  7. When I was a working mom, the Nordstrom Studio 121 manager used to set aside new arrivals of suits and career clothing in my size and call me with descriptions of each one. She kept them in a back room with my name on them until I was able to come in and try them on. Then she would send me a hand-written thank you card in the mail afterwards. That’s amazing customer service!

  8. Megan, so glad you are back. Can I ask a favor? When you list that an item is from Nordstrom, can you list the brand too?

    1. Great suggestion, thank you! I will do that. Also- if you ever see a word in bold print, click on it and it should take you to the link to the exact item. I try to do this whenever possible- but many of my clothes are from last year (or the year before that) so sometimes it’s impossible to find the link.

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