Oct 2nd, Polka Dot Top

I’ve already worn this polka dot top (from Target), but it is so cute, I had to bust it out again.

Plus, I thought it was the perfect backdrop for my new Stella and Dot statement necklace. I’m sure you’ve seen lots of this style necklace (J Crew started the fad), but I just got mine- and am so excited!

I actually wore this outfit to dinner at a friend’s house over the weekend. I like the casual, rolled boyfriend jean, the polka dot top and the casual cardigan. It’s so much better than a pair of mom jeans, a white t shirt and a matronly cardigan. Don’t you think?

It’s the small details that make this outfit look pulled together- the patent leather ballet flats, the skinny belt, the statement necklace…

And here’s a secret. These are actually not boyfriend jeans- they are just a pair of straight leg jeans that I rolled at the cuff a few times- and now I love the way they look (before they were too long, unless I wore heels). I know that sounds so obvious- but I honestly didn’t figure this out until recently- so had to share! Just because the jeans are not rolled when you buy them doesn’t mean you can’t roll them! Aha!

Jeans: Nordstrom Rack, Cardigan: Standard Boutique (Kansas City), Polka Dot Top: Nordstrom, Shoes: Nordstrom, Belt: Ann Taylor, Necklace: Stella and Dot

6 thoughts on “Oct 2nd, Polka Dot Top”

  1. Thanks again for a great post! Love the outfit! Curious on your tips for staying fit. You look great and I’ve been struggling keeping the pounds off as I get more into my 40’s. Thanks!!

    1. You’re sweet! My tip for staying fit is to do something each day- I walk my dog about twice a day( 15 minutes each time), play tennis 4 days a week and go for runs on the weekend. I also love to bike ride, hike and practice yoga. When I first had my kids- and getting outside to exercise wasn’t an option, I bought a treadmill- put a gate around it (so the toddlers couldn’t get close) and then popped in a dvd and walked on an incline for 30 minutes. Basically, anything you can do to move will be good for your body.
      I also never eat fast food- I cook instead -and am careful with my portions. My mom and sister do Weight Watchers, so I have learned from watching them how important moderation is.
      Again, thanks for your question!

  2. CUTE outfit Megan! Love the Target polka dot shirt with your new necklace! The contrast of the necklace and the navy shirt makes a great statement.

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