Oct 10th, Dress Pants!

I have a business meeting this morning- and the old me would have worn a plain top with dress pants (on the right). Looking at the picture- you can tell these pants aren’t doing anything for my figure.

First off, they are way too long. Look at the way they puddle around my ankles.

Next is the cut- look at the way they skim my hips, then get narrow towards the knee then flare out around the calves. It makes me look like I have saddlebags!

Worst of all- look at those weird crease marks in the crotch area- that is not where I want to draw people’s eyes!

Let’s not even talk about my boring round toed black boots…

On the left is my re-do.

Here I decided to try a different purple top with my green cargos- the slimmer skinny cut makes my legs look much leaner- and this style pants are much more fashionable.

I used to feel like cargo pants weren’t appropriate for the work place- and depending on where you live, and where you work- they may not be!  Luckily in the Pacific Northwest, almost anything goes- so I am going for it.

To keep the look polished and professional, I replaced the boring black boots with these cute pointy toed snake skin heels.

Many fashion forward gals will tell you that you MUST own a pair of neutral heels- and many chose those in flesh tones-which are really pretty.  Personally, I love the snakeskin. These shoes act as a neutral and look great with any outfit. The best part is- they are actually comfy! I swear! They are Anne Klein Flex- and they are meant for working women- so there is a little extra something in there for comfort.

Pants: Michael Kors, Sweater: Nordstrom, (similar) Shoes: DSW (similar) Necklace: Stella and Dot

8 thoughts on “Oct 10th, Dress Pants!”

    1. Thanks! I’ve been looking for some neutral heels- and never found the perfect pair (there are too many shades of neutral for me to decide!) then I realized I have these snakeskin ones that are basically the same thing!

  1. I almost bought shoes just like that yesterday at DSW (they were Anne Klein, so maybe the same?) I just couldn’t see what to wear them with really.

    I do really like the outfit ,, and kudos to you for actually showing us all things that we can wear – and wear again for different occasions, like those cargos, I’m not sure I could get away with them in place of dress pants. I am looking for some nice crisp dress pants though. Like you anything flared like that does nothing for my figure. I’ve been happy that straight and skinny pants are all back in style . I just need to find some good real life dress pants.

  2. Great minds think alike! I wore my skinny cargos to work today too (snowed here!!!) with an animal print top! You look awesome! I have been on the hunt for snakeskin neutral shoes since discovering your blog!!

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