Oct 11th, Cozy Sweater

It finally feels like fall here in Seattle, so I decided it was time for my ultra cozy sweater. I bought this several years ago at Anthropologie, and absolutely love it because of all the detail in it- there is so much to look at!

I layered the cardigan over a plain black t shirt- then added a scarf to give the look an even more cozy feel to it. It’s such an improvement over the look on the right. Please note that I actually really love the sweater on the right- but paired with this high neck black shirt and Uggs- it’s too plain.

As for my bottoms- I need your opinion.

My first look is jeans rolled to look like boyfriend jeans (note- this is the exact same pair of jeans in both pictures). For my feet, I chose my short black cowboy boots. Looking at the photos, I honestly can’t decide if I like this look or not!

Next I decided to try the sweater paired with my purple jeans- see below!

What do you think? Purple jeans or blue jeans?

To make my jeans look like boyfriend jeans, I simply rolled the bottoms. So simple!

You may notice this sweater is starting to pill a bit… I have a trick for you! Using a razor, shave your sweater and the pills will disappear. It takes a little time, but so worth it to save a favorite piece! Just be very careful- if the sweater is thin, you could easily make a hole.

You might also notice that you can see my short sleeves from the t shirt bunching up under the sweater- I will swap out this shirt for a long sleeve shirt so that the sleeves don’t bunch.

Please take a minute to comment- blue jeans or purple jeans?!

Sweater: Anthropologie (similar), Scarf: Target (similar), Jeans: Target, Booties: DSW, Black Boots: Frye

32 thoughts on “Oct 11th, Cozy Sweater”

  1. I like the blue better with this outfit, but love the purple jeans. Those are on my list of things to get this fall. Btw, so glad you’re back!

    1. First impression is that the purple looks better. The black boots and rolled jeans look a little ducky for some reason.

  2. Purple with the black boots…the rolled up jeans and booties cut off your legs a bit. Question for you…what would you wear for a casual fall outdoor family portrait? 🙂

    1. Well, that depends on if you want a family theme or not? I’ve seen families wear black pants and chambray shirts, or jeans and white shirts- but to me that looks a little too staged. I would suggest you all dress in similar colors- so no one clashes. I would probably wear jeans and a sweater and maybe even a scarf- something that looks ‘fallish’ but isn’t super trendy (you don’t want to look back on this photo in 10 years and cringe at what you are wearing.) Choose a color of top (or scarf) that is flattering to your face. Hope this helps!

  3. Both cute – slight edge to the blue jeans, but it might be because I love the texture of the wash, the rolled hem, and the absolutely cute boots!!!! All those things are a good match to the interest/dimension of the scarf and sweater.

  4. I prefer the purple jeans and boots! Just not a huge fan of the rolled jeans…maybe because I am old enough to remember doing this in high school when it was trending then!

  5. I vote the Purple jeans/pants! Love that sweater, too!!! Adorable! Let us know if you find it again anywhere. 🙂

  6. I’m curious how tall you are? I’m a little over 5 feet and I’m afraid the booties with the boyfriend jeans would make me look like a squat little cave troll. Cute on you though!

    1. Haha! A cave troll- that’s hilarious! I am 5’5″. With your petite size, I would not recommend the cropped or rolled leg- you need all the length you can get! I love the look of the rolled hem- but it does cut my leg off- making them look shorter. Thanks for writing!

  7. I think neither jeans are right, and the roll is really competing with all that’s going on with that (cool) sweater. Try dark skinnies – and then either boot will look good. Instead of the scarf (again competing with the sweater), maybe a necklace? Let the sweater shine and be the focal point of the outfit. Love the sweater.

  8. Also not a fan of the rolled jeans.either, in this situation. (though I liked rolled in general) I like the blue better but not rolled like that. I think it’s almost too much going on with the rolls, the sweater (gorgeous!) and the scarf too.

  9. I think the sweater is so cute but I feel like between the sweater, the scarf, and the rolled jeans and boots it’s just too much to look at. I would probably wear it with dark skinnies and flats 🙂

  10. A few comments for you since you asked. The sweater is absolutely gorgeous; I love all the details! I think the scarf is too busy and is taking away from the sweater. Find a “calmer” scarf or ditch it for a necklace. I like the blue jeans but don’t care for them rolled with the boots. Maybe try straight leg or skinny jeans.

  11. Lots of nice pieces in this outfit…but all together I think it’s too much. I would go with dark skinny jeans or a straight leg, either boot and ditch the scarf. I love the scarf but I think it takes away from the sweater, you just need a necklace.

  12. I like the purple jeans or blue or black skinnys with the tall black boots and that great sweater. I agree with a few others, let the sweater shine – maybe a necklace. I think the scarf would make the before picture look finished too. Maybe without the jeans shoved into the uggs. I think the rolled with short black would look good with the before cardigan as well 🙂

  13. I like the purple jeans because it make a clean line. the color of the rolled jeans is great a good color with the outfit, but not rolled. I think with the rolled jeans, and the ruffles on the sweater, and the scarf it makes the outfit look too busy. In my opinion, it looks as if you are trying to be trendy but don’t know which trend to go with. I’d say keep a clean line on bottom or roll the jeans with something simple on top. FYI, I wrote this comment without reading any of the other comments first. Love your blog.

    1. Hi! Thanks for your comment! I totally know what you mean about trying to be trendy, without knowing which look to do! That wasn’t my attention, but I have seen that!

      I appreciate your feedback- and many other people agreed that the scarf and sweater were too much together!I also agree that the rolled jeans is distracting from the look- and the straight leg is better.

      Thanks again for taking the time to write!

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