Oct 15th, Head to Toe in Target

Well, I’ve done it again- I’ve dressed head to toe in Target! I started my outfit with this cute denim shirtdress I bought at Target over the summer.

Then I decided to add a puffy vest (these are very in right now- plus they add warmth- plus the bright red adds a nice contrast color to my outfit).

I then decided to switch out the denim belt that came with the dress for this cute multicolored skinny one, lastly I opted for my light brown boots!

Before I knew it, I realized that each item I selected was from Target… how about that?

A close up of the belt.
Originally I wanted to wear these booties with this outfit- but realistically, I can’t imagine being in heels all day today (I’ll be on my feet most of the day!).
Perfect for work, running errands, going to lunch… whatever your day has in store for you!

12 thoughts on “Oct 15th, Head to Toe in Target”

    1. Thanks! Years ago I would have been embarrassed to wear Target clothes (silly, I know but my damn ego used to get in the way of sensibility!), but now I think it’s awesome to be able to find such cute, inexpensive clothing that is actually stylish!

  1. I really like your outfit, looks very stylish yet practical. The only part I’m not sure about are the white tights. I think I would have gone with bare legs or maybe brown tights instead…unless white tights are on trend right now, then never mind! I need to check out those boots at Target soon.

    1. To be honest, I have no idea if white tights are in or not! I just wanted to make sure my legs were warm! I thought about black tights, but didn’t like that look! Brown tights might have been better- but I didn’t have any!
      Thanks for your comment!

  2. I love this look and I like it with both boots! Except for the tights, I just hate wearing tights and I will go as long as I can without wearing them. They just always feel itchy to me. I do love me some Target though! I take my hat off to their buyers, they are doing an excellent job of staying on top of current trends. It’s hard for me to go in there for one thing and walk out with twenty:) Perfect job styling the perfect look today! xo

    1. Ah, thanks! Your compliments means a lot to me! I know what you mean, I go in for $5 worth of lightbulbs and come out $200 later with all kinds of new stuff! They do have talented buyers! I will say though- I am disappointed with their boutique lines- I felt like the quality of these items was really poor.

      1. Yes, I agree. Especially the most recent collaborations. I haven’t bought anything from those lines in a while, although I am always interested to look.

  3. I was going to comment on the tights as well. I like the light contrast and was going to ask how you decided on white/beige? I would have gone with a dark color and made the look too wintery. I think that the light tights make it look more airy and fun! I need to be more brave and wear denim on top. – Erica

    1. Why are you afraid of wearing denim on top? Two of my favorite pieces are my denim shirt and my denim jacket. You can wear these with anything- and I mean anything!

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