Oct 24th, Un Original!

Here’s a little trick I thought I’d share- in case you hadn’t seen it before!

I can’t claim it as my own idea as I’ve seen many gals on blogs do this-which is why I titled my post un-original!

Rather than let this little summer dress sit in my closet unworn for 3 seasons, I’ve transitioned it to a fall piece by layering a sweater over the top. I then added my light brown Target boots and a belt to emphasize my waist.  To complete the look (and follow my ‘rule of 3’) I’ve added a necklace.

For you newer readers, my ‘rule of 3’ is that I feel like the top half of my outfits must always have 3 elements to it. In this case, the sweater (1), the belt (2) and the necklace (3). It isn’t a hard and fast rule- but one that I usually try to stick to.

And, for you gals who hate wearing belts (ahem, Erin I’m talking to you)… here is the look minus the belt.

I think it still works even without the belt, don’t you?
This outfit is really comfy- and casual- I could wear it anywhere!

Ok gals- I want to hear from you- belt or no belt?! Please comment!

It’s been a while, so I thought I’d link to Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday. Be sure to check it out, there are literally hundreds of ideas!

Dress: Old Navy, Sweater: Banana Republic, Boots: Target, Belt: so old I honestly can’t rememeber!, Necklace: Stella and Dot

Sorry about the dreadful lighting- it was still dark outside when I took these photos.

19 thoughts on “Oct 24th, Un Original!”

    1. Too funny since I think I got this belt in high school…which would definitely mean it’s dated! That being said, I do like the idea of a belt to emphasize my waist- maybe just not this one? Thanks for commenting!

  1. You look longer & more comfy sans belt. Agree with previous commenter that the belt itself is not super cute. Love getting inspiration from you–thanks!

  2. I have to agree with the no belt. . . . you do look longer without it. I wonder if its because the belt echoes the horizontal stripes in the “skirt” and essentially breaks your outfit into odd sized segments (too close to Halloween ~ this sounds very Dexterish!)

    1. A skinny belt might be better- but this sweater is actually blue (the lighting is so awful it’s hard to tell). I’m not sure about mixing blue and black… sometimes it works- but in this case, I’m not sure! Thanks for your comment. I think most people are agreeing with you- no belt is better!

  3. Love this. I always make my clothes work in several seasons by layering. I like it better without the belt though, but that’s probably only because I haven’t mastered the whole belt thing though.

    You look great!

  4. I also like it better without the belt. I’m doing a major closet cleanout this week and put a few dresses like yours in my donate pile – might have to rethink now. Also, I got my CAbi shirt today and LOVE it – it’s the slouch tee.

  5. I like the no belt look better. If you must wear a belt how about a skinny belt? They’re very fashionable right now.

  6. I love belting so I would belt it. I always have a hard time wearing a statement necklace when i belt things though, it makes me worry I look too busy. I would probably go with earrings instead because that is my safe bet. But you pull this off well and have inspired me to try this with a cute sleeveless dress that I have. 🙂

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