Nov 10th, Footwear?

No time to write today, I’m rushing out the door for yet another basketball tournament!

I can’t decide which shoes to wear…  I like the all black look on the left- they make my legs look longer, but then again the brown boots on the right are a fun alternative!

What do you think?

I love this oversize sweater, it’s so cozy!
Sometimes it’s fun to mix brown and black together!

Sweater: Banana Republic, Pants: Gap, Booties: DSW, Boots: Target, Necklace: Lia Sophia


16 thoughts on “Nov 10th, Footwear?”

  1. Another Shannon for the brown ones. Maybe its the height of them but the black ones make your leggings look more like tights, than pants. . . .

  2. Hi there! I’m another Eastside mommy, just wanted to let you know your blog has been inspiring me to try harder with my wardrobe! I was going to vote for the black boots, as I felt they looked more sleek, but after reading the other comments, I do see their point. Either way is cute.

  3. Which Target boots are they? Need to get a brown pair and I like those a lot! Been looking forever for a pair. Thanks! (Oh, and I vote for the brown, too!)

  4. Brown. I think ankle booties make legs look stumpy (not yours but mine.) If it was a tossup between brown and black knee-high boots that would be a really tough call; I’d say either would look appropriate with this top!

  5. Love it with the brown boots. I only own one pair of boots, and I debated last year between getting black or brown. I’m glad I went with the brown, I actually really like the combo of wearing them with black…something I didn’t think you could do at first but it looks stylish.

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