Nov 13th, Bold Stripes

As you all know I have an obsession with stripes! I just can’t get enough of them- and I apologize if you are getting bored with seeing me in stripes day after day…

Today I am wearing a blue and camel colored striped sweater. As you can see- the stripes on this sweater are much wider than I usually wear- and I will warn you that you have to be careful with stripes this wide- they can add bulk to your frame. That’s why I went with the skinny jeans- the contrast of large on top means the bottom must be small. It’s all about balance.

On the right I have left the sweater all alone- and simply paired it with skinny jeans and flats. I think this works- its plain, simple, yet I like it.

On the left I have added a light blue oxford shirt under the sweater, and then also switched out the ballet flats for my ever present Target brown boots! By adding the shirt underneath I have added a layer of interest- and warmth. I like the shirt tails peeking out under the sweater- and I love the boots because I can wear socks and my feet will be toasty warm all day!

Which do you like better?!

Sweater: J Crew, Shirt; Target, Jeans: CABi, Boots: Target

9 thoughts on “Nov 13th, Bold Stripes”

  1. I love them both!! Our sister Ann is now following you Megan! She sent me a cute photo of her outfit a few days ago! Now all three of us sisters chat about you and also what we are wearing!


    1. Ah, thanks for that! I love that you come from a family of 3 girls- just like me (I am the middle).
      How is your son? I’ve been wondering about you- are you home from the hospital yet? Sending lots of positive thoughts your way…

    1. Thanks! I do not know the name, they are from last year and the brand is Mossimo Supply Co. Sorry that I can’t be more specific! One unique feature is they have a little button tab on the back.

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