Nov 23rd, Disneyworld, Day 4

I must take a minute to apologize to anyone who’s feelings I hurt by posting the photo of the tie die family and the lady with the socks. I meant no harm! In defense, this is a style blog- and in my opinion- those items really aren’t very stylish. But- as many readers pointed out- in Disneyworld anything goes- and dressing alike in huge crowds can be a great way to keep a group together.

Today’s post is actually from Universal Studios, not Disneyworld!

Again, I’ve gone with comfort, warmth and layering! I’m wearing my cropped skinny J Crew jeans, a white tank (which you can’t see), my polka dot top and a gray cardigan. I’ve chosen my Dansko sandals again- and again I must sing their praises! These shoes are awesome! I will admit, looking at the picture, they aren’t super stylish, but for the sake of having comfortable footwear, I don’t care!

In my hand is my 2nd glass of Butterbeer, from Harry Potter world. If you’re planning a trip to Universal, I highly recommend trying some (get the frozen kind- and don’t wait in line to get it, go into a pub).

Jeans: J Crew, Top: Target, Cardigan: Banana Republic, Shoes: Dankso, Belt: Ann Taylor

10 thoughts on “Nov 23rd, Disneyworld, Day 4”

  1. I am shocked people were offended. The picture you posted of the gal in tight, stretch pants had me thinking of a style related post and that is dressing for your body type. I really believe this makes such a differance in how one looks and feels

  2. I wasn’t offended by your post in the slightest, but I do understand the logic of dressing the whole family in loud tie-dye. It’s not a good look at all, but the time I went we had 6 adults and 5 kids running around. Honestly, it was harder to keep track of my father-in-law than the 5 year old, but I would have killed for bright, ugly, matching shirts when the two 9 and 10 year olds decided to take off in Epcot on their own. We found them after 10 minutes but I think I aged 10 years as we looked.

  3. Don’t apologize! You write a style blog and tye die on an adult? C’mon! But, I do often put my kids in bright colors when we’re going somewhere crowded.

  4. I think I missed the “do” or “after” for this outfit….the shirt should be untucked or the sweater should be longer, something about this is off. It looks as if the zipper is strained. But I love the sandals!

  5. Thanks so much for your Disney style tips! We leave for our Disney trip on Saturday! Your timing is perfect and you have given me some great things to consider as I begin packing. While it is cold here, and the temp there sounds delightful, after reading your blog I realized some of my more summery outfits I thought I would wear will not work. Thanks for all your style tips!! You inspired me to invest in a wonderful pair of Ariat sandals… loved them so much I went back and bought them in every color! They will be perfect for the Disney trip.

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