Dec 6th, Three for Thursday

Good morning! It’s Thursday, so that means another Three for Thursday- where I show you 1 item worn 3 ways. Today I’m showing a black pencil skirt worn 3 ways.

DSCN6200A pencil skirt is often on people’s lists as a ‘must have’ item- yet I’ve realized I rarely wear mine- so today I challenged myself to find 3 ways to wear it.

My first way is a casual, everyday mom look. By pairing the skirt with a white waffle t shirt and a denim shirt I have made it very casual. The high knee socks and boots also add to the casual vibe.

You could wear this volunteering at school, running errands, meeting friends for coffee… whatever. Don’t be afraid to wear a dress or skirt during the day. I used to worry people would think I was too dressed up- but actually people always just comment on how nice I look.

My next look is for the office. Here I have chosen an open weave sweater layered over a tank. I’ve opted for my snakeskin heels to add another pattern- as well as interest.


Lastly, this is my night out look. I always envy gals who are out in spaghetti strap tops in the middle of winter. Don’t they freeze to death? Probably, but it looks fabulous! Actually, if you have a great coat- wear that- and then hope that wherever you are going is nice and warm. Usually in a crowded party I end up getting so hot that I’m thankful for the summery top.



DSCN6202DSCN6212Skirt: Gap, Denim shirt: J Crew, Sweater: Target, Gold Top: H&M

4 thoughts on “Dec 6th, Three for Thursday”

  1. Hi Megan,
    This weekend I will be wearing a pencil skirt to a concert I am singing in. Are you wearing nude nylons with your last two picutres? In Minnesota we are going to have 4 inches of snow on the concert day. I don’t know how to manage my legs and feet!

    1. No, my legs are bare. I NEVER wear nude hose- but Her Royal Highness Katherine (Prince William’s wife) has brought them into style. I still refuse to wear them. If it’s going to be that cold out- I would wear black tights and black shoes- or maybe even boots (with knee socks over the tights- tucked down so you can’t see them.)

  2. I’m with Susan on this one. Being in northern MN bare legs just aren’t an option in the winter. But, I’ve discovered fleece lined tights and leggings 🙂 I wore fleece lined tights and tall boots tonight. They look like regular black tights but are much warmer!

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