Dec 11th, Ain’t No Mom Jeans

DSCN6238DSCN6239There is a great style blog called Ain’t No Mom Jeans– I love checking it out from time to time. It’s amazing how something  basic and simple as a pair of jeans can really change your look.

The jeans I am wearing on the right I bought at the Goodwill for a Halloween costume- but they are so bad, I decided to show them today so that you can see a side by side comparison of what a difference jeans can make.

It’s not helping that I tucked my tank in- but I wanted you to be able to see the 18 inch rise and the elastic waistband. That’s not all that’s bad though- the color is awful (acid wash is not my favorite) and the baggy- yet gathered at the ankle- style isn’t flattering. The one nice thing I can say about these jeans is that they were so comfy!!!

Luckily, the jeans on the left are also comfy- and a lot more stylish. The dark wash is much better- the cut is slimmer (but not too tight) and the slight flare at the ankle is a great alternative to the boot leg cut. Paired with pointy heels and this cute blazer- I’m ready for work!

If you haven’t already- do a personal jeans assessment. Are your jeans dated? When did you buy them? Are they still ‘in style’? If you think you need new ones- there are lots of great options in lots of price ranges. Shop around and try on lots and lots of different pairs/ styles/ brands…  My favorites are Madewell, CABi, Old Navy, James Jeans.

Jeans: CABi, Tank: Target, Blazer: CABi, Shoes: DSW

Jeans: CABi, Tank: Target, Blazer: CABi, Shoes: DSW*

7 thoughts on “Dec 11th, Ain’t No Mom Jeans”

  1. Great advice Megan! I tend to fall in love with my old worn out jeans and keep them in my closet for too many years. It’s time to look at them with fresh eyes and send them off to charity.


  2. ANMJ is the bees knees. Love that lady! I’ve been spending some time over there with her…the best.

    Those jeans made all the difference in the world…the ones to the right were….yikes! :).


  3. I love ANMJ. So brave of both of you to post pictures of yourself. I find it really inspiring.

    I am jeans obsessed. My latest theory is that you can have either a loose top or bottom, but not both (or you look like you are in a sack). Also if you don’t wear heels wider jeans don’t look so good. All justifications to keep wearing skinnies!

  4. Love love ANMJ! For a while I was doing a Site Spotlight feature and they were one of the blogs I featured–almost exactly a year ago, in fact.

    (It’s here if you’re interested:

    Is there anything worse than acid wash? I’m old enough to remember it, and however did we find that stylish? I wear some of my ’90s jeans to garden in now 🙂

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