Jan 18th, Words of Wisdom

I don’t have an outfit to share today- and when I started this blog I promised myself I would stick only to clothes (no recipes, decorating tips, parenting tips, book reviews…) but I read this article today – and absolutely felt it needed to be shared. Please click on this link and read it- it will change the way you look at parenting.

How to Miss a Childhood

Happy Weekend!

🙂 Megan

7 thoughts on “Jan 18th, Words of Wisdom”

  1. While on vacation a few months ago we were at the beach and SO many parents were on their phones while their kids were calling out to them to “look at me” or “watch this mom/dad”. It was so sad to see parents reply and not even look up from their phones!!! Or even take in the beautiful sunny day on the beach!!! Thank you for reminding me why I have a cheap-o phone that can simply make a phone call and nothing else 🙂

  2. Hi Megan, I can’t thank you enough for sharing thist. I appreciated the link more than an outfit any day! I was overcome, moved to tears and am making changes in my life to reflect the thoughts in Hands Free Mama (and I’m not a techie person anyways!) We can always do better…My children (and husband—don’t forget the guys!) will forever thank you for your simple act of forwarding that on…I want to be an even better mom and wife. Thank you!!!! It will (seriously!) change my life!!!

    1. I’m glad you liked it. I, too, cried when I read it because I recognized myself. After reading it- I ignored my cell phone all weekend- and actually paid attention to my children. What a difference!

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