Jan 23rd, Recyling

DSCN3904DSCN5929Hello friends! Today I am actually recycling an outfit that I showed you all last Jan. Since so many of you are new readers- you probably wouldn’t have even noticed- but just in case you did I thought I better come clean!

Unfortunately, my back pain continues to bother me- so I am now on bedrest for the next month (or so). That being said, I will try to get dressed and show you a cute outfit each day- even if all I do is take it off, put back on my sweats and get back in bed.

Anyhow- enough about me- let’s talk about this outfit!

This is a dress I bought a LONG time ago at Anthropologie. I actually think it is a nightgown, but I wear it as a dress. It is super soft and super comfy! All alone it isn’t anything special, but it is a great base for layering!

Today I have turned it into a skirt by adding a long sleeve black t shirt over the top, then layering a cute sweater over the top. To keep my legs warm, I have on black tights (one reader from Minnesota suggested that she wears fur lined tights. I haven’t ever seen those, but boy do they sound warm!), and black boots.

This would be a cute outfit for lunch with friends, work, volunteering at school… really anything!

The long necklace finishes off the look. A long necklace like this makes you look thinner- it draws the eye down, creating a longer- leaner look (or so I've read!).
The long necklace finishes off the look. A long necklace like this makes you look thinner- it draws the eye down, creating a longer- leaner look (or so I’ve read!).

7 thoughts on “Jan 23rd, Recyling”

  1. LOVE your blog– inspires me to use what I have in new ways!! Thanks for taking the time to tell where you purchased your pieces as well. I am sorry to hear of your injury and hope that some weeks of rest will heal it up nicely for you!! I wanted to ask you a question about leggings— any age restrictions on those?? I see you gals (20’s or so) wearing them but I am mid 40’s and wanted to know your thoughts?? No hurry on a response… thanks!! 😉

    1. Thank you so much for the compliment Amy!

      As for leggings- I honestly feel like it is up to you! If you are comfortable wearing them- then go for it. Don’t let age be a restriction. I would say though that you shouldn’t try to look like a 20 year old- (pairing them with heels, a short top and trying to be uber trendy). For women over 40 leggings are cute paired with a long tunic, scarf and some boots…

      I found a wonderful pair of leggings at Nordstrom- they were expensive, but totally worth it because of the built in tummy. Here is the link:

      Hope that helps!

      Oh, and by the way- when you said ‘I see you gals (20’s or so)…’ I wasn’t sure if you mean me- I am 42!

  2. So sorry to hear about your back. I was on bedrest with two of my kids (once for 4 weeks, the next time for 8 weeks). What kept my sanity was learning a new craft – knitting. I didn’t have to be flat on my back, though. I hope you don’t either.

  3. Thanks for being so dedicated to your readers while on bed rest! I read you everyday and look forward to seeing what you wear. Hope you are better soon! Hang in there.

  4. Amy,
    I am Megan’s older sister (and am mid-40’s like you!) I was going to write in and recommend a brand of leggings then saw that Megan beat me to it. I was worried about wearing leggings too, but finally decided I like the look so I went for it! I have a friend in her 50’s that wears them and looks great, so I don’t think they are just for the young chicks….

    The Lysee brand Megan suggested is great. They are thick (I did NOT want them thin and see-through) and best of all, they have a control top tummy panel! Now we’re talking! I actually have them on today with a long, flowy top and my black boots. Yes, they are expensive, but they are very good quality. Give them a try!


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