Jan 31st- Month in Review

Well, its the end of the month, so that means it’s time for a summary of my outfits of the month. Which was your favorite?

7 thoughts on “Jan 31st- Month in Review”

  1. My favorite January outfit is the middle outfit in the bottom row. I would feel comfortable and stylish wearing it. Second place is the outfit in the middle of the second row.

  2. Well you have so many good options but my favorite is the first row far left — the cute black dress with the berry sweater– such a creative way to make layered clothes work!! Plus I love a cute skirt/dress!! 😉

    1. Oh I didn’t really… some of these are old pictures, and some days I just put on an outfit- took a picture and then put my sweats back on…

  3. I have an old grey shift dress that I haven’t worn in ages. After seeing your post putting a sweater over a dress, I did that just! Updated the old dress and got a TON of compliments!

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