Feb 5th, Running Errands

DSCN6501DSCN6502Hey friends! I’m actually feeling a tiny bit better today- whoot hoot!

I’m not up for running errands, but I did decide that I’d actually take a shower, get dressed, take a quick photo and share it with you- then I’ll return to the couch to rest my back and watch another episode of Friday Night Lights (which has become my all time favorite show…)

To me, a typical ‘running errands’ outfit consists of jeans, a top, a cardigan and flat shoes. That being said it would be really easy to just go with the outfit on the right.

However, it’s also really easy to make a few minor changes- and yet have a much cuter, more polished look- as seen on the left. Remember, I’m not claiming to be a fashion plate- or style expert- I’m just a mom who likes to put a tiny bit of effort into my outfit!

All I’ve done here is roll the hem of my jeans- replace the tennis shoes with ballet flats, and add a bright (neon) yellow silk blouse under my cardigan instead of the plain white tank. The old me would have thought a silk blouse it too dressy for a stay at home mom. But let me tell you, it’s not too dressy!  It adds a nice texture under the cardigan, is very forgiving (doesn’t cling to my mommy belly) and the bright yellow is very eye catching.

So simple- and yet much cuter.

Blouse: Loft, Cardigan: Banana Republic, Jeans: CABi, Shoes: Tory Burch, Necklace: Anthropologie
Blouse: Loft, Cardigan: Banana Republic, Jeans: CABi, Shoes: Tory Burch, Necklace: Anthropologie

4 thoughts on “Feb 5th, Running Errands”

  1. I always feel like silk is too much for my stay at home mom style but you have inspired me to give it a try this spring! Glad you are feeling better!

  2. I love checking out your outfits every week. Thank you! I like your jeans. Are they “boyfriend” jeans? Or just long jeans you rolled up? I’m having a hard time embracing the boyfriend jean look. I’ve tried rolling some jeans I have but feel like they are not long enough when rolled–so I don’t know of I need longer ones? I know I don’t like them baggy or sloppy looking. Can you give some advice about boyfriend jeans for moms in their mid-thirties? I can’t run around in totally destroyed and saggy jeans but your look really inspires me. What are your thoughts? (I bet there are others that have this same question 🙂 )

    1. Hi! Thanks for your comment! These are technically not ‘boyfriend’ jeans- they are just a pair of baggy jeans that I rolled the cuffs. I have had a hard time finding ‘boyfriend’ jeans that are appropriate for a 42 year old- as you said, they are usually way too baggy and sloppy with a bunch of holes! I would say just take a normal pair of your jeans- and roll them up- it’s ok if they are too short (ankle length is perfect). The idea is to look casual- not like you are 18! LOL!

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