After a year and a half of blogging, I have decided that it is time for me to quit. I have really enjoyed writing each day, and have learned so much- but I just feel like I need to focus on taking care of my family.

Thank you to all my loyal and faithful readers- you have been very supportive and have made this journey a lot of fun for me.

(added later)

Because of all your lovely comments, I feel like I owe a small explanation for why I am quitting. This blog post from another blogger really sums it all up. I posted this earlier in the month, but for those who missed it- it bears repeating.

I feel really badly, knowing that some of you are new readers- and were just getting used to my plain and simple style- but to be totally honest, my heart just hasn’t been in it lately- and rather than put the time and effort into writing a post I’m really proud of, I’d rather spend the time cherishing my children. I know you understand- because we are all mothers and we all are doing the best we can.

Again, thank you for all your support- and please continue to spend a few extra minutes each day getting dressed in something special!

42 thoughts on “Goodbye”

  1. Megan ~ I will certainly miss your blog but understand. I loved getting fashion advice from another NW mom. Take care & best of luck with your back. Hopefully its healing.

  2. I will definitely miss your blog, it has been a great inspiration for me to try harder with my wardrobe. I especially like the NW appropriate outfits- no on else understands how we have to dress in June here! 🙂 I wish you the best of luck, enjoy your family time.

  3. Learned much from you – your blog was definitely an inspiration to launch me into some new choices. Thanks for sharing your energies.

  4. You’ll be missed! Thank you sharing some of the only “real mom” style I’ve seen on the Internet. Enjoy your time with your family, and speedy healing with your back.

  5. I just started following you a few months ago, so I’m disappointed, but I certainly can’t hold wanting more family time against you!

    1. I’m really sorry to disappoint you- I really struggled with this decision, because I know there are a few people out there who looked forward to seeing my blog, but to be totally honest, I just can’t devote the amount of time to it as I would like- and if I’m going to do it- I want to do it 100%. Thank you for your comment.

  6. Thank you for sharing your style advice and for all your inspiration, Megan. I think of you often and hope your recovery is going well.

  7. I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog, Megan! Thanks for sharing with all of us. Wishing you a complete recovery with your back and lots of great memory making time with your family.

  8. Megan, You were one of the very few blogs I checked every day. I will miss checking in with you! I am quitting a few things in my life to simplify and spend more time with my family as well. I wish you simplicity and happiness in your future!
    Shana (originally from the NW but now residing in Minneapolis, MN brrr!)

  9. I am so sorry to see you go! I love your blog and your style. I’ve got more outfits of yours pinned than any other blogger. You’ve helped me see my wardrobe in a new light. Thank you for sharing with us and enjoy your time with your family. You will be missed!

  10. I’m so sad and will miss your blog. You’ve inspired me to be more thoughtful about my wardrobe choices. I’m still dressing in my typical, classic style but am getting better at “jazzing it up” a bit. Thank you!

  11. Gosh, I guess my timing is terrible. I just found your blog last weekend. I of course understand the time factor. Will you leave your blog and old posts up? I really enjoyed the before and after, but had not looked at all of them yet.

    1. Hi Mer,
      I am so sorry, I really feel badly about quitting like this, but I have come to the realization that I can’t give my blog my entire focus- and I hate to put up posts that I’m not proud of. My kiddos are young- and I’ll never get this time back- so it is more important for me to spend time with them (rather than on my computer). And yes, I will definitely leave up all my old posts- so you should have plenty of material to keep you entertained! 🙂
      Thank you for your comment!

    1. Susan, I feel like I know you too- and you have no idea how much you have inspired me. Mary has shared with me your story, and you are an incredible and amazing woman and I am in awe of your strength and the amazing work you do for others. Thank you for all your support over the past year and a half- you are one of the reasons I have loved doing this so much! 🙂

  12. Megan,

    Yours is one of the first style blogs that got me hooked – right after ANMJ and Kendi – if that tells you just how highly I regard you and everything you’ve done with this blog! I love your style, I love your approach and the gentle way you encourage women everywhere to make little adjustments that make a big difference. You certainly made a difference in my life – truly!! Best wishes and if you ever return, I will be happy to read anything you write!
    Nicole @vvboutiquestyle

  13. Oh how I’ll miss you and your blog posts! I’ve really enjoyed seeing your outfits and have loved reading about the hows & whys you put an outfit together. Enjoy this time with your family.

  14. Thanks for all the ideas and time that you have given to this chapter in your life! Best wishes for a healed back and wonderful family time! 🙂

  15. Megan, I will so miss your blog. You were really the first fashion blog that I ever connected with and that I could really relate to my own life. You’ve allowed me to elevate my style in a way that is both grounded in real life and yet fashion forward.

    I will think of you ever time I wear my puma flats. 🙂

  16. At least you will know that a NYC mom isn’t wearing running sneakers unless she’s actually going running. Thanks for your posts, I’ve enjoyed them.

  17. I’m so sad to see you go. I have loved your classic neutrals spiffed up in a young and fresh way–while still practical for us moms! I know I’ll still be checking out your archives for a long time. Best wishes.

  18. I just found your blog last fall and quickly became an avid follower. You inspired me to finally update my postpartum wardrobe and the best part is you taught me how to be practical, yet still feel stylish and shall I say chic. I’ve never been able to coordinate things in my closet. I buy pieces I like and always wear them the same way. But after reading your posts and seeing how you style the same item differently I have completely changed the way I shop and dress. I even bought a pair of Puma flats! I love them! Thank you! Thank you! Wishing you all the best!

  19. Megan, thank you so, so much for everything you showed me! I don’t want to get to overblown, but you taught me how to pay attention and look cute again! My sister and I love sending headless pictures of our fashions to each other and have so much fun doing it!My very best to you always and, again – thank you, thank you, thank you! Ann Cahoy Okner Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2013 20:17:23 +0000 To:

  20. Honestly, I’m relieved it’s not a health issue. I was concerned when you hadn’t posted for several days. And I support your decision to spend this time with your family. You won’t regret it. Thanks for leaving the site up so we can visit the archives. Best of luck to you and thanks for how you’ve inspired us.

  21. I just found your blog today after looking like a disorganized mess for the last few months. Thank you for the looks and the inspiration. Sorry to hear you are no longer updating the blog but I appreciate the help!

  22. I stumbled onto your blog about a year ago and have enjoyed it ever since. You have a great casual style and a fun writing style to go with it. Thanks for all the wonderful style tips! Enjoy your time with your family!

  23. Megan, I was so sorry to hear about your decision to stop blogging. However, I can relate… I am 42, also, and stopped working part time last year for similar reasons. My kids are 8 & 10. Please know that you have inspired me and so many other women to starting looking cute again. (I went to my first CAbi party the other day and justified my purchases thanks to you!). If you ever feel inspired to randomly post an outfit or idea, I know I would love it! And thank you for leaving your site up- I use it for reference often. 🙂 Peace and love to you and your family.

  24. Hi Megan, I’ve really enjoyed your blog and was so glad to have found it. It completely changed the way I dress in the morning and the effort I put in. Having read the post on Childhood I completely understand and again, I feel that it will change my ways. Right now my 4 year old is calling to me to help her colour in so I’m going to say goodbye, good luck and thank you! Sarah, UK

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