Jan 25th, What a Difference a Belt Makes!

What a difference a belt makes!

screen shot 2019-01-23 at 8.37.17 pm


If I saw this dress on the hanger without the belt, I probably would have just kept on walking. It’s shapeless without the belt. But- add a belt- and wow! What a difference. Now I don’t look so frumpy! This belt is super cute too- with the tassel detail (see below).



I have to tell you, this dress is one of my all time favorites- and the best part, I bought it at Target! I love that it’s long sleeved (rare for dresses), I think the neckline is cute (notice how I added a necklace), and I love the length- I’m too old to show too much leg. Best part, it’s machine washable- so easy!  On top of all that, being black makes it so versatile.

In my before picture I have paired the dress with slip on loafers. While I love these shoes- they are just not right with the dress. They look matronly. But I hate wearing heels, so what’s a girl to do?! Try boots!


I’m attending an event tonight at my son’s future college (gasp!). I’m not sure what other people will be wearing, so I wanted to be safe- not too dressy, not too casual. A simple black dress like this should do the trick. Wish me luck…

Dress- Target

Boots- Born, Nordstrom

Necklace- gift



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