Jan 27th, Not My Boyfriend!

Boyfriend jeans are not for everyone… or at least in my opinion these ’before’ boyfriend jeans are not working for me!

screen shot 2019-01-24 at 12.46.10 pm

I honestly don’t know why… maybe it’s the length? Too short? Maybe the legs are cut too wide? Maybe the holes are in an awkward place? Maybe because they are super wrinkly? Whatever the case, the make me look frumpy- and to make it worse, this cute striped shirt and jacket create an overall boxy look.

But a few simple changes and I’ve got a cute, slimming outfit.


First off, I changed out the jeans (obviously) for a skinny pair in a darker wash. Now let me tell you, I am a curvy girl. I’m thin- but I’m curvy- and yes, curvy girls can wear skinny jeans. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

Next, I tucked in my shirt and added a belt (I sort of feel like I say this every day, but what a difference it makes!), then I added a long necklace to break up the stripes a bit. Also, the necklace creates a deep V shape, which is slimming.



Another change I made was to switch out the blue jacket for a longer olive green one. Again, the longer length is slimming, it covers my behind- and the color is fun! This jacket is from H&M, and I wear it all the time. It was sort of expensive for H&M (maybe around $75), but for a coat that you wear all the time, it’s worth it. I brought this with me when we went to Europe a few years ago and literally wore it every day. It was warm, water resistant and cute with all my outfits!

The final touch to my ‘after look’ is my leopard flats! These take the entire outfit up a notch by adding a cute pattern and look a lot cuter than the Chuck Taylor tennis shoes.

I’m also showing 1 additional look where I add a scarf. This is an excellent way to change your look and keep warm!


Ps. Maybe you’ve found some amazing boyfriend jeans that work for you- and if so, please do tell!

Jeans- Nordstrom

Jacket H&M

Top- J Crew

Scarf- Zara

Necklace- gift

Shoes- Nordstrom



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