Feb 4, Snow Day

Well, I guess it was finally our turn for the cold bitter winter weather to hit. We got a snow storm last night in the good old Pacific Northwest, which means everything will be shut down today, including school! Can you say ‘Snow Day’?!

For this cold, snowy day I want an outfit that is comfy, cozy and casual. The 3 C’s if you will.

So I’ve chosen my black leggings AGAIN! I swear, if you don’t own a good pair of leggings you need to go get some asap. These should be a staple in everyone’s closet- no matter what size you are. Think of leggings as you do jeans- a perfect bottom for any outfit. They are not just for going to the gym.

Buy expensive ones, ones that are thick and absolutely NOTHING shows through. When you try them on, sit down and see what happens, does the fabric stretch so much that you can sort of see skin? If so, do not buy them. You also want some with some spandex in them to hold you in and hide lumps. Cheap, thin ones will not do the trick. I love my Athleta ones- as seen below.


In my ‘before’ look, my denim shirt is too short to wear with leggings. I know I say this a lot- but for us more mature women, we need to wear longer tops that cover more.


I have replaced the chambray shirt in the before picture with a longer version. I like how it is peeking out under this big chunky black knit sweater. I just got this shirt at American Eagle. It is super soft, a great color- and I love the length.  To add a little interest, I threw on a long necklace. It breaks up all the black a little bit.

The Hunter Boots are perfect for walking through wet snow or rain. Plus, they are cuter than the Uggs. Don’t get me wrong though- I do love those Uggs… they just aren’t as cute. But boy are they warm…



3 thoughts on “Feb 4, Snow Day”

  1. Really liking this smart, cute outfit today, Megan! The black looks great. (And I’m not usually a fan of black as I think its a little depressing when there’s too much of it, lol!) Nice job! 😉 Do you find that leggings are thick/warm enough for chilly and wet Pac Northwest winter days? (We are going to be moving up your direction to the peninsula soon–from sunny Southern California and all my warm pants are frumpy-looking! Ugh! I didn’t think leggings would be cozy enough!) Are they a cotton blend or poly? Also, do you wear super thick cozy socks with the boots or are they lined in a warm material or ?? Thanks!! So glad to see that cozy doesn’t have to look lame! Lol!

    1. Hi Melissa, thanks for your note. My leggings are not lined, and they are made of nylon and lycra. I do feel like they are warm enough for the PNW. That being said- I spend VERY little time outside- and I always wear wool socks! If I were going to be outside for an extended period of time, I would wear Under Armor leggings under my regular leggings (back when my daughter played outdoor soccer that is what I would do). And that’s exciting you are moving up here… but I bet you are sad to leave sunny CA. 🙂 The peninsula is very nice!

  2. Well, we are actually leaving CA by choice! Not too sad, lol! We are natives and are actually tired of the traffic, heat and poor water quality! We think rain more often would be nice! (And we will get plenty of it, I know!!) And for it to be green green green! Ahh! Everything here is so dead and brown most of the year!! It gets old. (As I’m sure the rain gets that way for you too!) Just ready for some variety.

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