Feb 16, Classic White Top

Jeans and a white shirt are another classic outfit. But you need more than just a logo t shirt and jeans to have a stylish look. A cute, faux silk top is more flattering and stylish. Take this one from Nordstrom Rack, it’s actually polyester, so it’s machine washable- which is essential for moms. Tuck it in a little, add a belt & cardigan sweater, and a cute necklace to give it a little interest. Finish the outfit with some fun sandals instead of flip flops (remember I’m in the desert!) and I’m ready for today’s adventure- the famous street fair!

Jeans- Joe’s Nordstrom

Top- Pleione (Nordstrom Rack)

Shoes- Target

Cardigan- Gap

2 thoughts on “Feb 16, Classic White Top”

  1. I love this look Megan!

    My sisters and I gathered in PHX recently for my mom’s funeral. We chatted about how each of us follow you and enjoy your posts! Mary showed us how she channels her inner-Megan. We appreciate you!


    1. Susan (and Mary), I had no idea your mom passed away, I am so sorry. I appreciate your sweet note- and am glad than during a sad time my little blog can bring you guys a smile.

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