Feb 18, Striped Dress

I used to love this striped maxi dress (on the left), I used to wear it with a t shirt over the top- and thought I looked cute, until I saw this picture of myself wearing it. Yikes! First of all, it’s way too long, and the horizontal stripes on my curvy body just aren’t flattering!

The mixed up stripes on the blue and white maxi are more flattering than the stripes on the grey and white dress. It also has a looser cut, which doesn’t hug my hips as much. The denim jacket adds a nice casual touch. Roll up the sleeves & add some cute bracelets to add a little style. Swap out the Birkenstocks for cute wedges and I’m good to go!

6 thoughts on “Feb 18, Striped Dress”

  1. Wow! I think this is one of your best “before” and “afters” yet! If I saw the before dress on a hanger at the store, I would have thought it was cute because I love classic stripes, and I wouldn’t have liked the more geometric pattern one as much. But whoa, what a difference in the look, seriously!! The after looks so much more chic and classy! Thanks for the comparison! Hopefully my ideas about what I like are opened up a little more thanks to this! 😉

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