Feb 23, Weekend Casual

It’s finally the weekend, and I have a lot to do around the house today, so I want to be comfy and casual. I’ve chosen leggings and a top, but in my before look my plain black leggings and black top aren’t very interesting. There’s nothing really wrong with the look, it’s just a little boring. To add interest and color, instead I will wear these patterned leggings from North Face.

I’ve then replaced the fleece with this great long sleeved work out top I found at Marshalls. It has detail at the neckline (see below). I like the length of this top because it covers my butt, which is important when wearing leggings!

To add warmth and color I threw on this vest I just bought at Loft outlet. I love the color (I seem to be into purple these days!), and I like that it’s not bulky at all, so it doesn’t make me look top heavy. To complete the outfit, I’m wearing my black Adidas. I swear, these are one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. I got them at Nordstrom Rack, and I wear them all the time! I just think they better than my old tennis shoes, and they are so comfy!

Have a great day everyone!

Leggings- North Face, REI

Shirt- Marshalls

Vest- Loft Outlet

Shoes- Adidas, Nordstrom Rack

4 thoughts on “Feb 23, Weekend Casual”

  1. Hello Megan! Okay, I have to ask you…You have heard of Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, I’m certain, yes? I actually have not read her book, but I have several friends who are suddenly very into throwing nearly everything they own out in pursuit of more “tidy living”. (Despite the fact that the author is coming from EverythingIsTinyAndWeLiveInLessThan1000SquareFeetJapan and trying to translate it to OurEntireCultureIsBasedOnWeLoveCostcoandShopping modern American women, lol!) I’m certain also that you have heard of the “capsule wardrobe” concept. I’m totally all for organization, I love the idea of paring down to the absolute favorites and only having in your closet the things that “spark joy” and that you love, but I’m wanting to ask you; 1.) Have you given this any thought and if so, how does this figure into the way you approach dressing each day? 2.) If you have given it thought–What would that look like for you–While trying to create better outfits with less?! (Your red Valentine’s top comes to mind–when will you actually wear that again?!) and 3.) I’d LOVE to see a snapshot of your closet!!! 😉 Okay, sorry, that was a very loaded/nested question with lots to reply to!! 😉 Feel free to disregard it!!

    1. Hi Melissa,
      Thanks for writing! Oh yeah, I have been Marie Konding my house for the past month- cleaning and reorganizing my mud room, kitchen, pantry, family room… but I won’t completely do my closet. I do edit my closet regularly- especially when I buy something new, I try to get rid of something old. My problem is I have a HUGE closet, so storage isn’t an issue- and since trends come back around, I hate to get rid of too much. There are things I have gotten rid of that I miss! That being said, if something is stained, torn or I truly haven’t worn it in ages, then I will donate it to charity. As for the capsule wardrobe- in concept I love the idea, and do think it’s possible. When I traveled last week I basically worked off a capsule wardrobe- simple basic colors that can mix and match and create lots of different looks out of. I do think it’s important to have a few unique pieces (my red Valentines blouse) to have on hand for special occasions. ( I have actually worn it twice already!) One of these days I will do a post on my closet, thanks for the suggestion.

  2. Okay, great! I appreciate that eval…I feel the same way–it is good to get rid of things you are not using or are worn out, but I’m not totally convinced the capsule wardrobe is for everyone. I kind of like having some things in the back of my (small!) closet that are more unique pieces I only wear once in awhile when I feel like it, and just knowing they are there is fun. It would be sad to get rid of them in pursuit of uber-organization. (As lovely as minimalism seems!) Yes, that would be so fun to see you do the closet post!! Looking forward to it! Thanks for your reply, Megan!

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