Feb 28, Geometric Skirt

In today’s before look I paired this cute geometric print skirt with this giant sweater. I LOVE this sweater, just not with the skirt. Since the skirt is so voluminous, I need something fitting on top. This sleek black turtleneck is perfect- it balances out the top and bottom. Adding this cute necklace gives the outfit a little color and I completed the look with these black booties.

I bought this skirt years ago at Target, and I love it because the waistband is elastic, and so it’s super comfy. The length is good for me (not too short) and the black and white make it easy to pair with anything. It would be fun to try a colorful top with it, but today I’m playing it safe and sticking to black and white.

True confession here- I am not really wearing this outfit today. I actually have a tennis match, so I’ll be wearing a tennis skirt and hopefully kicking some ass on the court! But… since you probably don’t want to see me in my tennis skirt (those things are SHORT!) I decided to show a different outfit.

Skirt- Target

Turtleneck- Nordstrom Rack

Booties- Born, Nordstrom

5 thoughts on “Feb 28, Geometric Skirt”

  1. This looks cute. But… I work in a school and I never know what to wear for underwear so that I feel completely “dressed” or covered.

    I enjoy your daily ideas. We just had a Nordstrom Rack open here. Notice your love for this store.

    Edmonton, Alberta

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    1. Thanks for your note! Being a teacher (substitute) I totally get what you’re saying about being covered up. Maybe try some tights? What grade do you teach? If you are getting down on the carpet with the kiddos, then I wouldn’t wear this short of a skirt, but for the older grades- I would feel comfortable- especially if I had on black tights. And YEAH for Nordstrom Rack. I go often- and it can be overwhelming because there is so much stuff! Go with an idea in mind of what you are looking for. And check out the shoes section. They have awesome shoes!!

    1. I say no to nylons, I just don’t like them at all. I will do tights, occasionally. I personally think bare legs look best, but I get so cold that it prevents me from wearing dresses very often! That being said, Princess Kate wears nylons, so perhaps they are still acceptable? At least in the UK! Since I’m truly not an expert- and this is just my opinion, I suggest you go on Pinterest and look at photos of people in skirts and dresses- see if you see any nylons there… Thanks for writing!

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