March 22, Bomber Jacket

I am a big fan of jackets. I own a LOT of them. I think they are the perfect item to add to any outfit to keep warm.

First off, I love the jacket on the left. It’s an olive green field/ military style jacket. Paired with the right top and jeans, it can be a cute outfit, like when I wore it here. However, today, this look is not doing much for me.

So I replaced the field jacket with this cute olive bomber (similar) This jacket is made out of Tencel, which if you aren’t familiar with it- you should be. It is made of wood pulp (earth friendly) and is one of the softest fabrics out there. So comfortable to wear! If you are thinking about buying a jacket to add to your wardrobe- consider getting a green bomber. The color is a great neutral that can be worn with everything- and it is a stylish alternative to a cardigan.

I then replaced the high neck white tee shirt with this cute scoop neck tank. Working with the casual vibe, I switched out the black jeans for my ripped/ ankle length pair and then slipped on my black and grey tennis shoes instead of the heavy black boots. To complete the outfit, I threw on this fun necklace that adds a little interest.

Jeans- Zara

Tank- Gap

Jacket- Kenneth Cole

Shoes- Vince, Nordstrom Rack

2 thoughts on “March 22, Bomber Jacket”

  1. Hello Megan! One thing I have to comment on, esp since you live in the Pac Northwest…I completely agree that showing a little ankle looks way better than the dorky pull-socks-up-to-your-shoes routine, but don’t your ankles get cold there?! Is the “look” worth it if you freeze?! đŸ˜‰ How about doing a challenge showing a few cute looks that keep your ankles cozy? (And are NOT your Hunter or Sorel boots!)

    1. I like the idea of a challenge. I’ll have to really put some thought into that though. Not sure what would work. I do wear my Smart Wool socks all the time (even with these slip on shoes) and they actually keep my feet super warm. Thanks for the suggestion. I love hearing from you!

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