March 31, Floral Skirt

Today I’m not doing a before and after outfit post, instead I’m asking for your help. I was shopping at Value Village looking for jeans for my demonstration on distressing jeans, and I stumbled across this floral skirt (with the tags still on it), so I bought it. It’s a bit of a risk for me, but I kinda like it. However, my husband said, where on earth would you wear that?

So, that’s where you all come in. Is this a keeper? And if so, what else should I wear it with? I like the black tank (although I may need to add a long necklace) and I think the denim jacket looks cute, but what else? When buying something new, I always try to think of at least 3 different ways that I can wear it, but in this case I am stumped! And if you hate it, that’s ok too! It won’t hurt my feelings! This is a learning process for me more than anything! That’s the whole reason I do this blog, not because I am an expert on style (I’m clearly not), but because it forces me to try new things, experiment with my clothes and have a little fun! Thanks for being a part of it!

8 thoughts on “March 31, Floral Skirt”

  1. Hey Megan! I appreciate what you wrote about your purpose for this blog! I think its really fun to learn together too, in addition to forcing myself to think more about what I put on each day! That’s great! Okay, so I had to laugh about what your husband commented, in addition to the selection you made, because I really adore floral patterns, too! I am always attracted to them! I had several thoughts to share…first of all, if anything, you have taught me that it really doesn’t matter where you are going, the point is to feel better about yourself and give some thought to what you are wearing. So, to shift the thinking a little…why does this have to be a “going out” or “special event” type of skirt? You only paid a couple of bucks since its second-hand–why does it have to be “saved” for a more special event? (Right?!) Though it does look more dressy in style, it would be just fine for an afternoon out doing errands, or a trip to the grocery store! Chances are high that someone will compliment you on how pretty your skirt is, and you will feel even better that day! (I love when that happens, and esp. when I have taken a “fashion risk” and then I feel all the more confident about making such decisions in the future!) So my thoughts about what to wear with it…what about that cute black wrap sweater you just wore the other day? (Over top of the tank.) It would give it a sort of pseudo-prima-ballerina aesthetic which is whimsical. Maybe with some cute black ballet flats? I’d love to see the other ideas photographed and added!! Fun!! 😉 Enjoy your Sunday!

  2. Keep! You can wear with a graphic tee, denim button down, plain white tee, or any top that picks up a color in the skirt. And try with sneakers (maybe chucks?). I have a similar skirt and get compliments on it all the time. Oh, and wear it where ever the heck you like! 🙂

  3. I would suggest a button down shirt knotted at the waist, white, or any colour matching one in the skirt. Or a shirt and vest. Or even a tank, or tee shirt and vest.
    A knotted tee shirt, or tank, even.
    A full skirt needs a more fitted top preferable ending at the waist, hence the knotted suggestions.

    And I wear skirts almost 100 percent of the time. People get use to how we dress and don’t even bat an eye. I even do my sprint training, ball hockey and gardening in skirts! As others said, wear it anywhere and love it!

  4. I think a light weight, almost sheer, cream colored blouse, tied in the front would look stunning!

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