May 11th, Backyard BBQ

We are going a backyard bbq party tonight, and it’s supposed to be 80 degrees, so I want an outfit that is cute and that I won’t sweat too much in! I chose blue and white linen shorts paired with a sleeveless top.

In my before look, I am wearing a yellow cotton tank that I tied in a knot at the waist. This works (although I need to iron my top!), but it is still a little casual for a party. The Birkenstocks also add to the casual vibe. So… to bring it up a notch (who’s the famous chef that always says that?), I swapped out the tank for this blouse. It’s a dressier material, but still is cool enough for a hot summer night. I also replaced the Birks with neutral wedge heels- which totally elevate (no pun intended) the whole look. Happy Saturday!

Shorts- Athleta

Heels- Clarks

Top- Nordstrom Rack

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