May 21, Keeping it Real

Today has been a shitty day- and I apologize for my late post. My husband got into a car wreck this morning (he’s ok, thank goodness), but it completely ruined my morning (and his… and the person he hit). UGH!

After checking on my hubby, I played tennis and ran errands, so I am showing how I transitioned my tennis outfit into a running errands outfit.

I apologize for the quality of the photos, I was rushed this morning even before the darn wreck. Anyhow, on the left I am wearing my cute patterned leggings with a tennis skirt over them (this is perfect for chilly mornings, or if you don’t like bare legs). On top I have this fun bright blue tank- I love this color! When I finished with tennis, I just removed the skirt and threw on a black tunic. I like how the tank peeks out underneath- giving a little contrast. I swapped out my shoes- just cause you know I love my black Adidas more than my clunky bright blue tennis shoes!

Hope your day is better than mine. 😦

Leggings- North Face (REI)

Tank- Gap

Tunic- Nordstrom Rack

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