May 24, Surprise in the Back

Today’s OOTD is pretty simple, just faded jeans and a black v neck sweater. However, there is a panel of black and white stripes in the back- which adds an element of surprise and interest to an otherwise pretty simple outfit.

To complete the ultra casual look- I’ve thrown on my Superga white tennis shoes. I’ll be on my feet all day, and these offer support and style.

This cute sweater is from my friend’s in home boutique, OC Style. She ships all over the country, so be sure to check out her Insta page if you like what you see (although in full disclosure, this sweater is several years old). Her prices are super reasonable, much lower than what you would pay in a regular boutique store (and she’s not paying me to say any of this- I just really like her stuff!)

Yesterday I wrote about how there are so many Instagram fashion bloggers who inspire me. Today I want to share a list of my top 5 for you to check out! They are listed in no particular order!

  1. Madstylestudio
  2. Cbstyled
  3. Dress Corilynn (she is a petite for all you petite ladies!)
  4. Pinteresting Plans
  5. Stylin by Aylin

These gals seem real to me- they inspire me- and they have amazing fashion sense! Check them out! And let me know your favorites! I’m always looking for more inspiration.

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