June 4, Just Peachy

Ok, I’ll admit it- this is the lamest title ever, but I was stuck and the top I’m wearing today is a peachy color… and I made a delicious peach salad last night that I just have to share. I know I promised I would not give cooking advice on the blog- but this salad is so yummy, and so easy that I just have to share… more on that later.

I’ve had this cute silk top with a ruffle collar from J Crew for years- and yet I rarely wear it, so today I tried it with my wide leg jeans. Since it’s still chilly in the mornings, I threw on this cardigan and then decided my leopard flats would complete the look. Then I took my photo- and I did not like what I saw! The wide leg jeans and this loose fitting top are not flattering together.

I feel like I look like a middle aged woman. Wait, I am a middle aged woman! But I don’t have to dress frumpy- and this look to me is a bit on the frumpy side. So… I swapped out the wide leg jeans for skinny jeans. Replaced the dark cardigan with this cream duster and changed the shoes to my pointy toed snakeskin. Much better, don’t you think?!

When it warms up this afternoon I can remove the cardigan.

Ok, now for my salad recipe (sorry, I don’t have photos because I honestly didn’t think I would be sharing this) but it’s too good not to share!

Take 2-3 peaches, remove skin and chop up into pieces

slice 1 English cucumber into tiny pieces

slice 1/2 jalapeno into little pieces (remove the seeds)

add juice of 1 lime

throw in some chopped cilantro

add salt and pepper

Mix all together in a bowl and serve. So yummy! Weird, colorful and delicious. Let me know if you try it!

Jeans- Gap

Blouse- J Crew

Sweater- Target

Shoes- Franco Sarto, Nordstrom Rack

2 thoughts on “June 4, Just Peachy”

  1. Megan I need ideas for wearing black tennis shoes. I bought some super cute ones but everything I put on with them looks weird? Right now yoga pants are it

    1. Hi Kelly! Thanks for your comment. Black tennis shoes are perfect with yoga pants (black or patterned), but you could also try cropped jeans (in a dark wash, or even black) and a very casual t shirt or sweatshirt- like I did here https://everydaymomstyle.com/2019/05/20/may-20-grey-monday/
      Another look would be to pair them with white jeans and a black tank. I also think they would look cute with a black cotton dress with a denim jacket tied at the waist. Just make sure the shoes are not clunky at all- they need to be sleek, and preferably you can’t see your socks! I actually wore my black tennis shoes Friday night with black jeans and a cute white blouse because I was volunteering at an auction and was going to be on my feet all night! Not the most stylish, but at least I was comfortable. The older I get, the more important comfort is! Hope this helps! 🙂

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