July 10, Striped Shirt

It’s another rainy summer day here in the Pacific Northwest. Mother Nature, if your listening- we would like our summer back please! Since it’s cold and grey outside, I decided today would be the perfect day to go get my Enhanced Driver’s License at the DMV.

In my before photo, I paired a J Crew striped top with wide leg jeans and slip on tennis shoes. The boxy shirt and wide jeans create an unflattering silhouette. And while I love my slip on tennis shoes, in this outfit they don’t work.

So, instead I opted for skinny jeans that are slightly cropped at the ankle. To create a more casual look, I pushed up my sleeves and did the half tuck to define my waist. Finally, I added a long necklace to breakup all the stripes. To complete the summer outfit, I chose my black strappy sandals.

Quick tip, if you’re local and you need to get your enhanced license, go to the one in North Bend- no lines! Afterwards, go to Twede’s cafe (from Twin Peaks) for a piece of Coconut Cream pie. AMAZING!

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