July 14, Fake Romper

Rompers are all the rage right now, and while I think they are super cute on teenagers, I personally don’t think someone over 40 should wear one. I was out last night at a wine tasting event and saw a woman who was well over 40 wearing a romper that was so short her butt cheeks were literally peeking out. Yes, she had a great butt- but GROSS! No one wants to see that.

But, it’s hot outside and I need an outfit that will keep me cool, so, today is my version of a romper for someone over 40. And actually, it’s not even a romper, it’s shorts and a top. But it sort of looks like a romper, right?!

To keep my outfit from looking like pj’s (as it does on the left) I have made a few slight changes. One, I pulled the shorts down a bit to rest on my hips instead of my natural waist. Then, instead of a plain cotton t shirt, I am wearing a silky halter neck top that is a bit dressier. To complete the look, I chose neutral sandals with a heel- that not only dress up the look, but they also make my legs look a lot longer than they actually are. Now I have an outfit that is appropriate for a summer backyard party where I have to say goodbye to my dear friends who are moving to North Carolina. I will miss you Livi. xoxo

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